Who Played Who: Josh Wink reveals his biggest tunes from Circoloco

Words by: Josh WInk
Posted: 7/7/17 14:10

I love playing once a year for Circoloco at DC-10. It’s always a treat! I enjoy both going there as a club goer, or as a dj to play; either way it’s guaranteed to be a good one. I have never played any room besides the Terrace and this year I played in the 'Main Room,' which tends to be more techno, and I was happy with it. My set time was an earlier set than usual, but it was a full room with a crowd ready for whatever we gave to them.

I went early to hear Tania Vulcano in the garden and Mike Servito and stayed late to hear Mathias Tanzmann, Butch, Carl Craig, Kerri Chandler and just the beginning of Seth Troxler and Nick Curly. Everyone rocked it!"


Biggest tracks of the night from your set?   

Sean Miller ‘Solstice’ (Ovum)

Our sophomore release from the Canadian producer has been a secret weapon of mine for over a year. I played it last year at DC10 as well and it had a similar bomb reaction. Tribal, percussive energy!






Sebo K ‘Horsepower’ (Ovum demo)    

This is a demo I received from the German producer just last week. and I debuted it at Circoloco, which turned out to be one of the biggest tracks of the night. Tech house power from an artist more known for house. It will come out either at the end of this year or beginning of 2018.  





Any curveballs?   

KiNK ‘Perth’ (white)

KiNK sent me his new LP last week to listen to, with the hope that I could remix the track “Five” (which I love). I ended up playing this jackin house monster, which blew up the dance floor in KiNK’s own special way.






Benny Rodrigues ‘Acid 777’ (Ovum Demo) 

A retro chicago old school acid house banger. It’s raw, Chicago, acid house energy and has been rocking dance floors and festivals since he’s been submitting tracks for Ovum over the past years.






Classic Track?          

Mike Dunn ’I Wanna B House’(Moreaboutmusic)

A Classic chicago vocal track that I tap into a lot. It’s a great segway to change the energy and or go in a new direction musically. It's amazing house music and gets such great reactions considering it’s over 20 years old.






Last track?       

Galaxy 2 Galaxy ‘Journey of the Dragons (Jules Wells Remix)’ (Underground Resistance)

One of my favorite Mike Banks projects and tracks. The remix is by the talented French born, detroit inspired artist Jules Wells. It’s not out, nor I think is it coming out. But I think he sent it to me to simply play out. You can’t mess with the original. But this is a nice interpretation that gets people smiling and grooving!  



UK fans catch Josh Wink at a Micron fundraiser for Manchester on  July 2st





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