Leonidas & Hobbes – Web Of Intrigue on Hobbesmusic

Words by: Joe Morris
Posted: 12/7/17 16:05

There was once a time when each summer brought us an ‘anthem’. That was however in a time before the internet hindered a record's chances to grow organically. Perhaps we're over-stating things for the new Leonidas & Hobbes production but if endorsements so far from taste makers Leo Mas, Kenny Bager, Nancy Noise and Andrew Weatherall are enough to qualify summer anthem status these days then who are we to argue?

Web Of Intrigue certainly has the ingredients; emotive strings, flamenco guitar, Chic-style disco licks and shoulder shaking bass. It’s a track that finds itself equally at home in warm up sets or being dropped peak time; infectious smile inducing results will still be the same.



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