Sun on the dancefloor: our guide to the island's top terraces

Words by: S Roberts
Posted: 18/7/17 14:01

Ibiza and super clubs go together like Sasha and Digweed. The breathtaking lighting rigs and monstrous club rooms are a sight to behold and more often than not are the image in our minds eye when we reminisce of times gone by on the white isle. 

However, the original Balearic party is back on the rise, inciting pop up venues all over the island. Outdoor venues are providing soothing alternative dance floors to the those in the intensity of a club room. In decades gone by it may have been simply too hot to party outside at any time of the day, but good old modernisation means that curators have adapted and perfected the outdoor dance floor in recent seasons.

Take advantage of outdoor shindigs with our full listings here. In the meantime, here is a selection of outdoor parties and venues that we feel are more than worth a visit...


Set in the mountains of San Jose, this Ibiza-born imprint has announced 11 parties this season and rapidly gained a party following. Envisage a hippy throwback with a full dance floor and a stunning back drop. As well as a musical selection, a range of health and wellbeing supplements are also on offer. WooMooN takes over Cova Santa every Sunday, except their closing party which is rumoured to coincide with the full moon on September 5th. 

DC10 Garden

It would be a sacrilege not to mention DC10 Garden here. Nothing quite beats losing yourself in the red oblivion that is the main room, but it's nice to have the option. The garden parties here are almost as iconic as the mighty Circoloco and have cleverly encapsulated the essence of the club outside. Visually the garden looks like a festival but sonically kicks off more than a festival ever could. This should always be on your list.


Pikes' reputation for being the original home of the Ibiza house party has settled this year more than ever, despite Solomon broadcasting his large villa after parties on social media. Largely due to a small circle of residents and an eccentric interior, you truly feel at home at the San An venue. Whether you want to eat and drink, dive into a fancy dress box or get knotted on the dance floor, this is a sure fire win for an outdoor house party. Anything goes!

Las Dalias

Home of the famous Hippy Market and an old schooler by all accounts (1954!) Las Dalias also plays home to an indoor club and a restaurant. What may get slightly overlooked amongst all of this action is the small Sky Bar on the roof terrace. Admittedly this is the more chilled out of our selection, but who would not want to head up to the beautiful open air terrace and enjoy music and some Hierbas after dinner?! Its all about the atmosphere here, truly Ibizan. 


This boutique concept brought to you by the Pacha Group rests on the Cap Martinet in Talamanca Bay. Another all-rounder, this venue offers a well being centre and a restaurant as well as all the views. Catch the likes of Solomun and Guy Gerber bringing the dancing element of the club alive, while artists Pete Tong opt for the venue for his classical orchestra show.


Ushuaïa is no secret on the island and is widely considered as the best open air club. Perhaps opt for this as your first night stop, since you will need all your energy to properly appreciate the full effects of the displays here. ANTS and Guetta bring the party after dark however you will find a more relaxed VIP vibe during the day here, just ensure you bring your credit card!

Zoo Project

Originally a low key worker party, Zoo Project had hoards of workers turning up in all manor of fancy dress for the 'SH*T' party in the 2008 glory days. Since being opened for more public parties, the rundown zoo is a firm favourite in the party calendar.
Whether you are in the seal pit, the newly structured tree house area or sat under the one of many idillic chill out spots - Zoo Project is a law unto its self. We Recommend a trip over on Tuesdays party which is a slightly scaled down version of the all-out Saturday riots.


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