Hector: 'Family Is Everything'

Words by: S Roberts
Posted: 18/7/17 16:06

After making their mark playing the BPM festival in his home country in 2015, Hector's Vatos Locos crew have been steadily rising the ranks of dance music's crews.

The ever growing family launched a label last year, VL Recordings, which began life with a double vinyl compilation EP from mostly new producers. Hector's own releases have ticked off several big labels in tech house, most notably Desolat, Tsuba, One Records and Mobilee however he is now investing most of his concentration into his own brand. 

Having started out working in London's Phonica Records and eventually playing for heavyweights MusicOn and ENTER, who incidentally inspired him to start his own family, this is a tale of a relatable and humble artist with a truly hispanic view on what it means to surround yourself with family. Hector now holds a Vatos Locos residency at the highly acclaimed Underground running this season from 23rd August and 22nd September.

Hector: The core founders of Vatos Locos came together from sharing music and feeling inspired by other music families. In the beginning, Hanfry Martinez and Javier Carballo was running Overall Music and he invited me over to play - I made friends with all the guys who would later be core founders (Chad Andrew, David Gtronic etc).

Not long after, BPM asked me to throw a party and rather than book a headliner, I took my new friends because they are all so talented. This was the start of the Vatos Locos Family. 

As we began expanding we discovered Ibiza, our family kept growing and growing, particularly because of our following there.

We all got together because we were going through the same thing. We shared a sound musically but we all shared strong family values and were finding it hard to be away from home. We all left to chase a dream and when you leave home - you are on your own! When I was travelling from club to club in the earlier days, for big music families like ENTER, Desolat and MusicOn, they were so supportive and it established me as an artist, but I was never at the centre of the family. I realised that families are organic and have to be the right people so I owe a lot to these guys for inspiring me to start my own thing.

Now my wife who I met while playing for Enter is part of the Vatos Locos crew. It really is like being with your brothers and your sisters, there is no difference between my real family and my music family. We cook together and know each others relatives... It makes me appreciate my family at home, too.

I miss my mother and my sister, they are back in Mexico but I make sure whenever I am home I stay with them. they come to some gigs, too! It is because of the way they raised me that this all happened. We all have strong bonds with our families and we respect one another because of this.

No matter what happens our families are always there, thats how we all get through the bad times and that's why we have such a great thing going with Vatos Locos. It is our strongest foundation.


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