Grace Jones' rider leaked online

Words by: Gill Meder
Posted: 18/7/17 16:59

If there is one thing certain in dance music it is this: Grace Jones does not mess about.

A copy of the legendary singer and style icon has been leaked online and it makes for very interesting reading. There are no daft requests for inflatable dinghies like Steve Aoki. Or odd but practical requests like Seth Troxler's fresh socks.

So what are top of the infamous Pacha lovee's backstage priority list? Booze and oysters. And not just any old booze. The wince inducing price-tag on the champers and vintage wine alone comes to over £1500/1700 alone. And as for the two dozen oysters on ice? Don't worry promoters, Grace does her own shucking.

Excessive? Given Grace's legendary partying prowess, it's probably pretty tame by previous standards.




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