Œil Cube ‘E.P.‘ (Versatile)

Words by: Joe Morris
Posted: 24/7/17 19:29

Œil Cube ‘E.P.‘(Versatile)

Nicolas Chaix is one of France’s great producers and under his I:Cube moniker he’s responsible for some of dance music’s all time classics. His latest EP on Versatile sees him return to his early cassette roots under the name Oiel Cube ('oeil' means 'eye' in French) with five highly emotional house cuts. There is a cerebral warmness to ‘Lost Flute’ and ‘Pistache’; neither would be out of place on classic Italian dream house label DFC from back in the day. “Disk Two" has a more looped, disco feel and “XXXX" goes for a spaced out, bleepy downtempo approach. Classy, contemporary house music with a nod to the past.



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