Harvey launches Pikes Records with a new comp

Words by: Ben Raven
Posted: 25/7/17 8:13

Harvey and Pikes go together like ice and Hierbas. Just a few years ago the veteran UK DJ was unable to leave his adopted home of Los Angeles to play internationally because of visa reasons. 

Since then he's notched up three years of memorable nights for his 'Mercury Rising' party at his adopted Balearic home of Pikes Hotel. This season the owners have appointed him 'Cultural Attaché' for Pikes. We're not quite sure what that exactly means, but we'll bet he's a lot more value for money on a night out than most members of the ambassador's club.

To celebrate, he's launching the new Pikes Records with a compilation mix that encapsulates the sound of the party. "I see so many avenues to work together to release music," says Harvey of his Pikes partnership. "Everything from live recordings from Ibiza Rocks and Pikes, mix tapes, original productions, showcasing new artists, there's all sorts of avenues to open up."  


The Sound of Mercury Rising is out on Pikes Records on September 29th.



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