Hodge ‘Swing for the Fences’ (Hemlock Recordings)

Words by: Simon Ashford
Posted: 13/8/17 18:23

The Bristol favourite is back breaking heads on Hemlock

Hodge is one of Bristol’s leading lights and over the past decade has released under a number of aliases, some secret and some not, some veering towards house and some towards techno. As Hodge his productions fit firmly on techno’s adventurous front line. On this EP, the A1 Title Track jumps straight into the pummelling harder strain of the genre. Lacking in hooks but flooded with tension, the track runs through a gamut of menacing noises and will no doubt kill it for many big room DJs but does little to convince that you’ll remember it in a year’s time. ‘Aomame’ and ‘Medway’ provide the EP’s more memorable and musical moments. The first twisting emotive strings pads into an emotive dancefloor moment and the latter blending taut drums and  sequences into a heads down tension builder.

Ibiza Voice score:7/10






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