MY IBIZA: Kölsch dissects his Balearic love affair

Words by: Susan Howard
Posted: 27/7/17 16:28

Kölsch is a resident at Hï Ibiza and has had a lengthy love affair with Ibiza. Although he spends his time these days playing big techno stages, the Danish producer had an earlier wave of success, under his real name Rune RK, making house. His biggest house hit, 'Calabria,' is forever associated with the early 2000's heyday of Space where he spent some of his formative Summer trips as a raver. 

The moment the penny dropped:

It was my first trip to the island in 1999. I had spent seven days going to clubs and after parties. I had seen and heard all my heroes, been to Sa Trinxa [beach bar] for the first time.

My mind was fresh with all the new music that I had discovered. We had stayed in San Antonio, just by next to the Egg. We had spent all our money on 12”s, and I had to pay for overweight baggage on the flight back. I was still drunk, tired and I had bruised my foot really badly as I sat in the airport. My hands were shaking and I hadn’t slept for a long time. I remember being so incredibly tired.

For a moment I thought I’d had enough. Then the moment the plane took off, the only thing I wanted to do was to go back. It’s been like that ever since.

The record I most associate with the island:

I have discovered so many amazing records over the years. I heard some of the most amazing music before it was released on the Space Terrace. I could mention many classics, but one thing I look back on with great pleasure, is the time I heard the James Holden remix of Nathan Fake ‘The Sky Was Pink.’ It was the early days of Circoloco, and back then it was a day time party. I remember the DC10 terrace still being open, and the sun setting as this amazing track came on. There was a hint of revolution in the air, as the new sound of ibiza started. It was the early days of techno on the island.

Most dramatic Ibiza moment:

I’ve had many dramatic experiences over the years. People tried to steal my watch (they didn’t get it), and many a pickpocket attempt. Thankfully the beauty of the island has washed all the bad memories away like tears in rain. Somehow it just doesn’t seem so important anymore.

The afterparty I'll never forget:

I used to afterparty a lot, but these days I really want to get most out of the days. You don’t get to feel the the beauty of Ibiza at after-parties. I like to get up (reasonably early), and go hiking or kayaking.

I must admit I do love the vibe at [classic Ibiza hangout] Croissant Show in the early mornings. It’s hilarious being surrounded by drag queens eating pastry.

The restaurant I can't get enough of:

Most of my favourite restaurants have sadly closed. It seems that a lot of the classics are being modernised into this hippy chic thing. I’m not a fan of 30 euro quinoa salads, so that’s not for me. When it comes to high end dining, I still love Sa Capella and Amalur. Fish Shack is also still amazing.

My favourite these days though would be Port Balansat in the North. It is worth the journey for the Salmorra Fish alone. It doesn’t get more Ibicenco than that.

Space Terrace/Pacha classic: RUNE RK [Kölsch's previous alias] 'Calabria' from 2003

My own private hideaway:  

I won’t give away my private hideaway as it wouldn’t be very private anymore. I will say that I really enjoy the sunset at Hostel La Torre. It is probably the best on the island and makes me think back on a different time. It feels like Greta Garbo could walk in the door any moment, it has a feeling of another lifetime. I’ve had many great conversations until late into the night there. Especially on a full moon. It’s magic.

Most life-affirming Ibiza DJ experience

Again. There have been so many amazing experiences. I remember one night two years ago, where i was closing the ANTS stage. I always save one precious track for the end. This time it was Kings of Tomorrow's ‘Finally.’

I remember the whole crowd singing along and the full moon watching over us. It was magic.


Kölsch is resident at In the Dark which takes place at Hï Ibiza ever Thursday. Tickets:


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