Mosca ‘Don’t Take This The Wrong Way’ (Livity Sound)

Words by: Simon Ashford
Posted: 27/7/17 21:49

Mosca teams up with Peverlist's UK techno mainstay

After a year of steady away releases on his own label 'Not So Much,' Mosca takes to Bristol’s Livity Sound label for his next EP. The excellently titled A side bears the hallmark of classic dubstep sound design. Bleeps and sound effects rain down from all corners of the track across an urgent beat underpinned by a more classic techno synthesizer sequence. The B2 earns most of this reviewer’s listens. Perhaps down to a little more space, a broader sound palette and a lazy low shoulder broken house beat that slopes through a hallucinogenic friendly soundscape. Sequencer patterns weave in and out of each other in a haze before making way for a staccato bass that picks the energy up for one final canter through the remainder of the track.



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