Thomas Melchior/Daniel Bell /Fumiya Tanaka ‘Lost In Time/The Warmth’ (Aspect Music)

Words by: Ben Raven
Posted: 31/7/17 21:59


Thomas Melchior collaborates with two of minimal's finest for the next Aspect

As tag teams go, Melchior, Bell and Tanaka are as heavyweight as they come. It’s been a couple of years since our last visit to Melchior’s ‘Aspect Music’ label so it seems only fitting that such a cast be present on the eighth instalment of the label.

The release finds label head Melchior collaborating on both sides of the vinyl. ‘Lost In Time,’ as the title suggests is a long loping groove worked around a spoken word vocal repeating the mantra, “time.” Anyone familiar with the naggingly infectious and repetitive ‘deep, deep down” vocal from Bell’s 2010 Perlon track ‘Deep Down’ will instantly recognise the hypnotic dancefloor territory the track inhabits. The backbone of the tune is a stripped down groove that as the title suggests, takes its time to explore the different sections of the arrangement. Where other producers might over season the meal or add too many garnishings, ‘Time’ is strictly meat and potatoes. Midway through for example, it casually strips right down to the drums for a lengthy section before jumping back into the melodies. The addition of each part is afforded its own space and time to develop and for budding producers it’s a lesson in the ‘less is more’ approach to arrangement.

The flip side finds Melchior in similarly hypnotic form with Tanaka. ‘The Warmth’s groove pummels harder  on this side (as hard as minimal techno allows) but the relentlessly looping vocal one shot keeps the tension firmly applied right throughout the track. A string melody unwinds midway through to lighten the mood and like much of Melchior’s work, this is best enjoyed on a dancefloor where time is allowed to stop for as long as the spell that is being cast requires to work its magic.

Ibiza Voice Score: 7/10



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