DJ Harvey - The Sound Of Mercury Rising (Pikes)

Words by: Joe Morris
Posted: 5/8/17 10:41


DJ Harvey and Pikes Hotel's affair blossoms into a sumptuous compilation

Few individuals continue to gather such interest in dance music like DJ Harvey. Be it a sought after edits label, a summer long residency or a return from a forced ten year hiatus in the U.S. Each new endeavour comes with it a clamouring for detail and level of hyperbole rarely applied to any other DJ. It’s not unwarranted; there is a certain level of care and attention applied by Harvey Bassett to his numerous projects that is all too uncommon. Indeed, the same quality is channelled through his favoured long DJ sets, which are without exception, executed with flair and that infectious perma-smile.

For the past three seasons Harvey has taken up a much-welcomed Monday evening residency at Ibiza’s iconic institution of decadence Pikes. The ‘Mercury Rising’ night has developed it’s own Balearic identity, an ecstatic groove described by Harvey as a “feeling that lasts not only for the ten plus hour sets but long after your night out”. To launch Pikes’ new record label, Harvey has curated ‘The Sounds Of Mercury Rising’ CD, celebrating a selection of music featured at the popular Monday night sessions. At the time of going to press the full track listing is under strict embargo; Harvey wishes for the music to  be listened to as he intended. However we do know that the music will span four decades, from 1976 to 2016 with tracks carefully chosen for their “disco harmony.”

A four track sampler is available ahead of the full release which includes Tony Esposito’s 1982 folky, electronic soul gem “Danza Dell'Acqua”, the flamenco disco of Tore "She's A Lady", Elkin & Nelson’s classic “Ahore” and Van McCoy & The Soul City Symphony’s "Spanish Boogie." If the sampler is anything to go by, the long player should be quite a ride. Mr Basset would not have it any other way.

Ibiza Voice Score: 8/10


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