WHO PLAYED WHO: Eats Everything talks through his biggest Elrow bombs

Words by: Ben Raven
Posted: 8/8/17 16:24

The big room specialist tells us his highlight tracks from his most recent Elrow Amnesia show

Elrow City at Amnesia has been unbelievable this season. I’ve played Amnesia a lot and the vibe in that main room is unreal. I cannot express how good the crowds are in there, it’s really special. I’ve played until just before 7am each time and I haven’t even been to the terrace where all the Elrow madness is happening but I’m sure it’s also amazing. I’m playing all night long, at least seven hours so you have to start slow and work our way up.

Ibiza Voice: Track you opened with?

Eats Everything: I started with the Dyed Soundorom Mix of Onno ‘Paragroove to get a nice groove going and stuck with this style for a good few hours. You don’t want to shoot your bolt too early.

Biggest blend?

I’ve been playing this trick mix where I play Kenny Dope ‘Jam The Mace’ and mix Technotronic ‘Pump Up The Jam’ into that. I then mix Asio ‘Sini’ into that and loop the Technotronic vocal. I should just make it into an edit to make my life easier. It absolutely boots off the few times I’ve done it.


Tune you couldn't wait to play?

I  updated my track with Justin Martin called Kong by making an edit of it. I don’t really play that style of music very often but I’ve made it much more techno and I was well excited to see how it worked. IT REALLY WORKED!


Curveball track?

I played Babe Instinct ‘Disco Babes From Outer Space’ and wasn’t sure how it would pan out, but it worked great. To be honest, I could’ve done a poo on the turntables and it would’ve worked!


I played a few as it was seven hour set, but the stand out classic for me was The Chemical Brothers ‘Electronic Battle Weapon 5 (It Began In Africa).’ Amazing reaction to an amazing record. 

Track you weren't sure might work but paid off in the end?

Golden Boy & Miss Kittin - Rippin Kittin (Xpress 2 Remix) because its a fairly dark and brooding record but it's one of my faves of all time. I always feel sad when I play it and it goes over people's heads. This time it worked amazingly.


Last track?

The Danny Krivit edit of Strings Of Life. Say no more really, the best!

Catch Eats Everything next at Elrow Ibiza  at Amnesia on August 19th


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