New Amsterdam club promises "liberation and mystery"

Words by: Susan Howard
Posted: 10/8/17 12:50

Amsterdam already has the reputation of being one the world's best cities for clubs. Now it's to add another venue to its formidable list of clubs that already includes world leaders like De School and Shelter. 

Jack was launched over Amsterdam's Pride weekend for "everyone looking for liberation and mystery," according to its press release. The new venue promises to be a "club for the LGBTI community, for young people but also for the ones who have known the electronic music scene for a while."

A spokesperson told Mixmag: "every night JACK will be a unique experience for every visitor. Because the club is modularly built, JACK can transform every night into something totally different. In this way, we can stimulate the senses and illusions of our visitors.”

Check out Jack on Facebook here.



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