Say no to cheesy Nineties anthems?

Words by: Simon Ashford
Posted: 22/8/17 14:10

Crowd pleasers or cynical attempts to get YouTube views? We debate  the trend of DJs playing cheesy 90s tunes

As the famous phrase goes, "everyone thinks their [opinions] smells of roses.” But where do you stand on the trend of DJs pulling out cheesy chart dance anthems from the 1990s?

Marco Carola has lead the debate this summer with a video of him playing Wamdue Project’s 1999 chart hit ‘King of My Castle’ inviting heated debates on Facebook. But he’s not the only one.

Denis Sulta has been peaking sets, including one at Sonar Pub, with Lock N Load’s cheesy hard house classic ‘Blow Ya Mind.’

At times this Summer, you may be forgiven for thinking you're being thrashed around the Waltzers at your local fun fair and not at a party playing cutting edge underground music. 

Critics scream enough’s enough. Defenders argue it’s all about context and plead: lighten up.

Panorama Bar resident Boris played Britney Spears at Panorama Bar in 2016 and invited a heated debate on the club’s Facebook page. Defenders argued that the lyrics of the track made it an appropriate tongue in cheek tune. Others were less enthusiastic.  “People can dress this shit up any way they like,” wrote on comment. “But lets call a spade a spade, this is sheer nonsense.”

One this is certain, playing a chart cheese anthem may be a ballsy move but  controversy sells. “There’s no such thing a bad publicity,” goes the old PR saying and that must play a part in the thinking behind some of the DJs who dig out divisive tracks. Especially those who watched Space Dimension Controller playing trance hit Ayla ‘Ayla (DJ Taucher Remix)’ at Belfast's Ava festival in 2015. Since then videos of the play have received over 200,000 views on YouTube.

Dance music can sometimes be too serious for its own good. And it can be argued, guilty pleasures have a place. But is that place in a peak time set? When you go out you make a choice. If you want to hear cheesy 90s anthems, there are plenty of local nightclub hell holes to fill your boots. Underground clubs distinguish themselves by playing underground music. And great DJs educate AND entertain. So let's stick to the program.



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