Words by: Sophie Roberts
Posted: 25/8/17 12:13

There are two types of crowds in Ibiza. Tourists and island people and if you're in the latter group, Acid Sundays is your spot.

Like another Las Dalias favourite Wax Da Jam, or Cova Santa's WooMoon, the club is home to the island's indigenous party crowd. Where Wax Da Jam leans towards soul, disco and hip hop, and WooMoon towards more trippy techno, Acid Sundays sits somewhere in between, hosting a crowd that's like a more well behaved version of the crowd from the early days of DC10.

It's been running for four years and moved
 home from Heart to Las Dalias last year. We spoke to its booking manager Brigitte Armengol about dwindling beach parties, securing Todd Terje for his only date in Ibiza this year and industry politics.

Ibiza Voice: how did Acid Sundays begin?

Brigitte Armengol: it started at Heart Ibiza three years ago and was a collaboration between Heart's creative team and 'The Rituals' team from Ibiza. The idea was to bring a psychedelic sound to Ibiza as well as performance and art. Acid Pauli was the resident DJ and every week we were inviting different guests. 

After two years at Heart, we moved to Las Dalias. We had two stages at this point Acid Sundays and Acid Disco. Acid Disco always offered the best of electronic music. We aim to make our party very entertaining. We have a night market, healthy food, a kids corner and a healing zone. We provided a lot of good music and fresh air, which has been missing in Ibiza since so many beach parties have been banned lately. This summer we have offered free entry to everyone.  

How has the season been?
It has been a very successful year for the club and we are receiving very positive comments from everyone. We are always trying to bring great artists, too. Soon we will have DJ Koze and Todd Terje, which is his only date in Ibiza this summer!

Whenever we go back to Heart it's great. It's a more intimate club with amazing sound system and open terrace to hang out with friends. What else do we need to have a perfect night in Ibiza?

What’s been your favourite memory from one of your parties this year?
The best moments for me this summer have been when Bedouin closes the night. His music is so unexpected and emotional!  I love watching children dancing with their parents on the Acid Sundays dance floor. Also watching one of my favourite acts El Soul Frito perform with Louie Vega was a powerful moment for me.

Whats been the most difficult thing to get around this year? 
All the parties require a lot of preparation and work. We never stop working on the little details the whole summer to make things perfect. I also find the politics in the industry difficult. It's hard to watch some of my favourite artists get left out of line-ups because they are not in the Ibiza DJ circuit.

Do you think the island is becoming more difficult for smaller parties to thrive?
I don't think so. There are so many people that love to go out to more intimate places and smaller open air parties. Sometimes we all like a quiet night out, just to grab a beer and listen to good music with friends. We can't forget about the huge local population that also needs to go out and socialise.

How has the party grown?
The best thing about Acid Sundays is that since the project started this year in Las Dalias we have new collaborators, artists, and performers writing to us and asking to join. 

At some point it [began to feel] like a movement and everyone wanted to join us at once! The party is growing every week and becoming more interesting and entertaining. People seem to really like the concept and want to be a part of it and that's what has made it so special.

This Sunday will be a special night market show at Las Dalias.


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