Track of the week: Four Tet 'SW9 9SL'

Words by: Ben Raven
Posted: 25/8/17 19:20

Four Tet ends a busy week with one of the tracks of the year.

Fans of Kieran Hebden's alias have had a job keeping up with his recent antics. He dropped two insanely good new tracks 'Two Thousand And Seventeen' and 'Planets' out of the blue in a matter of weeks on unsuspecting fans earlier in the middle of the Summer. Then a mysterious track with gibberish code for a title popped up in his Spotify playlist which later turned out to be a track called 'The Reservoir' which  appeared on his 'Randoms' compilation from 2016. 

Today he announced that he's finished a new album and in another post dropped a new song on his Soundcloud that is our Track of the Week and, no doubt, contender to be one of the tracks of the year.

It sounds almost like four genres in one track. It kicks off with a moody house pad then jumps into a shuffling house beat and dusty chord stabs. The pad drones on and is joined by a an emotive filtered arpeggio hook and atmosphere swells. So far so house/techno. Until that is, the breakdown develops the arpeggio and adds a rocketing great Virus style trance riff on top across a three minute breakdown that sounds like it was destined for a mid morning Amnesia Terrace tear jerker. 

Just when you think it's going to go a bit too Tiësto, the break calms, the beats return and we're treated to a speaker rattling sub bass and a return to the deep vibe of the intro. It's an interesting musical crossroads that should find support from DJs like Ben UFO, Tale Of Us or Bicep.

And for the final brain twister for fans, the track's title just also happens to be the postcode for the Brixton Academy. The guessing games continue.


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Erick Morillo
Valentino Kanzyani