IN REVIEW: Modu:lar

Words by: S Roberts
Posted: 30/8/17 12:05

Photo Credit: Jay Chow

After The Black Madonna's recent comment that line ups tend to be 90% men, Modu:lars female focused open air closing party piqued our interest. Molly, Dana Ruh and Julietta were all due to boss the controls on Bank Holiday Sunday.

After delving into the world of Modu:lar for our 'Tales from the Front Line' series, it was time to visit the Constellation's courtyard in the robust Baltic Triangle, Liverpool, to see for ourselves.

Upon entering the space at 4pm, the wooden structures and open courtyard mimicked the decor of outdoor European clubs during the summer months.
The clued up and largely international crowd trickled through the gates and greeted one another like old friends as resident Sam Power kept a steady pace on the warm up shift. 

As Molly arrived at 7pm, dancers gathered under the canopy. She stayed with a stripped back pace for the first hour and then began exposing those tell tale Rex Club roots with tracks like Fred P's 'Trust'. That indescribable magic which is created as dusk falls on a day party surged through the crowd like electricity. 

When night fell, the venue was exposed for what is truly was; a visual feast. Disco balls reflected splinters of lazers and purple-red lights stroked the room, illuminating the Modu:lar logo on the back wall. The sound was exquisite, even at the bar.

Molly continued to flow through various music styles, teasing the crowd with the bass throughout. Towards the end of her set, euphoric 90's synths were broken up by loud kicks and snares, the hands that were in the air remained here for this period as Molly intertwined the stripped back tracks with 90s jams. The dreamy with the hard. 

The journey she took the crowd on over her three hour set was nothing short of phenomenal. Working a jerky acid track into Ammunition by Mr Ho & Blauensteiner was a particular highlight and we did not leave the dance floor for three hours. 

As news came of Julietta being unable to attend the evening, revellers were quickly greeted with a replacement. Parisian 'My Love Is Underground' star Brawther, now a resident of Leeds was slotted in nicely. Fresh in the minds of the audience for his recent  release on Cab Drivers' Cabinet Records, his sound was a perfect substitute for Julietta. 

As the crowd began to shift inside, the throng wasn't heaving and it wasn't unbearably hot. There were no queues to get anywhere and free water was on hand for the all night long ravers.

Brawther delivered his usually groovy basslines and choppy high end percussion, however for much of his set the crowd were adjusting to the new environment.

The switchover to Dana Ruh was immediately noticeable as she notched up into deep and techy territory. Her mixing was impeccable and experimental. Long blends dominated her set, a highlight being Soul Capsule's 'Overcome' played over another track. 

The crowd pulsed in appreciation and the energy in the room was almost visible for the end of her set. The after party began at 5am just around the corner at Loft 57 with Modu:lar resident Nerram alongside regular Jack Wickham and ran way into Monday afternoon.

A few years ago a party running for this long was unheard of in Liverpool. For the three years Modu:lar has been in action, it has truly been a milestone for the city's club scene.

Ibiza Voice Score: 9/10

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