Nightmares On Wax: “Ibiza has always been overpriced"

Words by: Kristan Caryl
Posted: 31/8/17 14:01

George 'Nightmares On Wax' and Seth Troxler back to back for the 100% Disco Wax Da Jam party earlier this Summer

George Evelyn aka Nightmares On Wax on overpriced Ibiza, Wax Da Jam and why Las Dalias has the original island spirit

We're inviting DJs to contribute to a new series of opinion columns. Next up is Nightmares On Wax, the Leeds born Warp legend who now lives in Ibiza and runs Wax Da Jam. One of Ibiza's favourite nights, where the rest of the island's scene is dominated by corporate super clubbing, Wax Da Jam is like a timewarp back to the original Balearic vibe. 

Nightmares on Wax:  Ibiza has always been over-priced. It's never been cheap. As far as the VIP thing, the real birth of that was in Pacha. I wouldn't say it has taken over, but it's more evident than it was. You can still have an old school night out at Pikes, La Dalias, Veto… there are loads of gems around, but you have to have an adventurous spirit inside and look for them yourself. 

No one really knows, but Las Dalias was the first ever club in Ibiza. It's renowned for live music and the hippie market. It's still got the Ibiza spirit. It's not expensive compared to other places, the staff are welcoming and accommodating for all ages. It's more of an energy thing. I want to be in an environment where I'm comfortable, can dance and get to the bar. Somewhere I feel like I'm not being exploited.

Sometimes in major clubs you can't even get to the bar, or can't dance for being pushed about, so you end up at the back or somewhere else. A lot of venues are overcrowded. They don't need to be, but they think they need more money than they do. 

Las Dalias is definitely unique. The venue are strict about numbers. A number of times this season they stopped letting people in. They don't want the customer to be dissatisfied, which is pretty rare for Ibiza. 70-75% of our crowd is women, the ages go from 16 to 70 year olds, and it’s the music policy which dictates that.

No one can escape the face painter - not even Nightmares On Wax

When I first came to Ibiza and went to the Amnesia Terrace, that's what it was like—really random ages, really random people. There was no segregation in class, status or any of that shit. That's what a party should be: a collection of people all having a good time together. We might turn up as individuals, but we leave as one. That's the spirit of our party. 

Everyone gets something out of it: the staff, the venue, the dancers, the DJs, and even kids in Africa because through the Last Night A DJ Saved My Life foundation, ten per cent of all our profits go to building wells over there. The magic in the room and the amount of people smiling, it makes for a togetherness where you can't believe how good the party is. And that's a beautiful feeling for a DJ, but also on the dance floor. It's having love in the room and everyone feeling it together, just because of the music.

We don't book big headliners, the ones we have come organically, out of a conversation or friendship. Kenny Dope played a hip hop and funk set— his first one in Ibiza in over 25 years of coming. That's where we're coming from, we want one-offs, like the 100% disco thing with Seth Troxler. We want it to be one of those 'where you there when’ parties because that's how it was when I started clubbing. They were all unique moments in time, and that was the original Ibiza spirit.

Wax Da Jam closing is on September 14th. For more info click here
Photo credit: James Chapman


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