FOR THE RECORD: Make Ibiza affordable for the many not the few

Words by: I Voice
Posted: 4/9/17 19:54


Ibiza was once again in the papers today. But it wasn’t because of drunken people on flights or footballers girlfriends posing for paparazzi.

Thomas Cook published a marketing study that claims that over the last five years, one in six holiday bookings have shifted from those under 30 to the 30-39 age bracket.

The storm clouds continue to hang on the island's tourism economy and naturally, the papers are announcing the death of Ibiza as a party island and claiming the island’s summer tourism has shifted towards the VIP and family markets. 

But how accurate are the numbers? That question hinges on just how many ravers bother with Thomas Cook to book a holiday these days? Most techno tourists are familiar with Skyscanner, so we’re guessing those figures aren’t quite as clear cut as the Thomas Cook press release makes out.

If anything, the idea of Ibiza as a destination for families is as much under threat as the idea of it being the world’s favourite clubbing destination.

Both markets are directly threatened by one thing. The lack of affordable accommodation on the island.

A quick scan on hotel websites reveals that accommodation on the island is expensive in comparison to other destinations. An average week’s three star accommodation for Tisno in Crotia is just under £500. In Ibiza the same search is more likely to yield accommodation closer to £1000.

Ibiza is simply too overpriced to satisfy its two traditional core markets: ravers and families.

The obsession with VIPs and the swelling boundaries of the roped off areas in clubs as well as beaches, are a clear and present danger to the spirit of the island.

Families give the island its bread and butter income. The clubs give Ibiza it’s ‘X’ factor. The island is nothing without both of these important pillars of its economy.

Last week one of Ibiza's most famous residents Nightmares On Wax argued that the island has always been overpriced. But we can't remember a time when the island has flown closer to the Sun than it has currently.

Let's hope the island's local government and tourism industry tycoons remember a cliché that has never seemed more appropriate to Ibiza than today: don't bite the hand that feeds you.



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