UK Garage back on top?

Words by: Susan Howard
Posted: 12/9/17 12

Craig Richards and Ricardo Villalobos in action at Houghton. Photo: Jake Davis

It seems the latest DJ trend this Summer is dropping a token garage track.

While garage itself has never been far from the dancefloor, it's two steppin' UK variant is particularly prevalent on the party circuit recently.

Dancers at this year's Houghton raved about hearing Ricardo Villalobos and Craig Richards drop the M Dubs remix of Vincent J Alvis 'Body Killin.' It's impossible to say which of the two actually played it without hearing from them directly, but Richards has also been playing the classic at Fabric.

Houghton was a hot bed for the trend. Voigtmann played Wookie's 'Down On Me' and Josh Tweek played Ghost 'The Club' at the festival.

Saoirse and Shanti Celeste's impromptu back to back at Moroccan festival Oasis dropped a few more classic garage bangers including the Bump N Flex Remix of Indo 'R U Sleeping' and the Armand Van Helden remix of Sneaker Pimps 'Spin Spin Sugar' which you can catch at 11 and 31 minutes into their set: 

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