ADE Insider Guide - De Marktkantine

Words by: Sophie Roberts
Posted: 20/9/17 15:33

De Marktkantine, as influential as it is historic amongst its fellow Amsterdam nightclubs, has upped the ante for its ADE series this year. The club has confirmed four heavy parties with even weightier line ups. 

This years series will start on 18 October and run until 22 October, inviting Pan Pot, Nick Curly, Nathan Fake, John Talabot, Genius of Time, DJ Harvey and Amelie Lens to the dynamic venue.

De Marktkantine clocks in as a 3000 square foot art-adorned haven, with a smaller 300 capacity room and a specially curated Pure Groove Soundsystem. A one-off lighting rig will be added for the ADE series this year, providing a fully immersive experience. The site itself was unloved and empty for a while, eventually undergoing a restructure and re-opening in 2014. The barrren theatre now serves as a cultural hotspot, having regulars explore the various art forms upon dropping in. 

De Marktkatine is undoubtedly a pillar in the Amsterdam dance music and clubbing scene so we caught up with Nick Riet, who helps manage the club, as part of our ADE Insiders Guide...

Ibiza Voice: Can you tell us something cool about De Marktkantine that we may not know?
Nick Riet: De Marktkantine used to be a place for market men to eat their lunches, drink coffee and talk business. After that, in the 90’s it was a notorious nightclub where DJs like Tiesto played in the early days of their career.

Where is your favourite low key bar and low key club?
My favourite low key bar must be FC Hyena in Amsterdam Noord because it's not been discovered by tourists yet. Also, if you're visiting, Noord in general is nice get-away from the crowded city centre.

Where do you go to eat or chill in the city when it is a high season weekend?
I tend to grab a bite at the Ton Ton Club while playing some arcades games, which they have there! Ton Ton is in the Westerpark, so that’s a win win for me as the club is here too.

What is your favourite record shop that we may not have heard of?
That would be Bordello a Parigi’s own record store. Just opened for a few months now. 99% solid stuff there. That would be Bordello a Parigi’s own record store. Just opened for a few months now. 99% solid stuff there. After that you can go to Distortion. Super messy and distorted place but ask the owner what you want and he will bring you the gold.

Can you recommend us something we should check out during ADE that may have slipped under our radar?   
This might not slipped under your radar but I’m going to mention it anyway. The Hivern Discs showcase with John Talabot and DJ Dustin! This is the third time we will be hosting a Hivern Discs showcase during ADE and it’s never been less than one of my personal highlights.

More and more people are moving into the city, Whats the secret to cracking it here? 
Amsterdam West is the best neighbourhood. It's not too crowded, it has plenty cool spots and of course De Marktkantine! Just take it slow and try to avoid the common places. Travel by tram (buy a multiple day-pass) and don’t rent a bike if you not know how to handle one! 

De Martkantine - Day by Day - ADE 2017

18 October

Pan-Pot , Nick Curly, Amelie Lens, Joey Daniel, Michael Klein, Wigbert, BEC


20 October 

Jon Hopkins, Clark - live, Max Cooper, Nathan Fake - live, Courtesy, Roman Lindau, Terr, Joefarr, Beckett b2b Black Amiga


21 October

John Talabot, DJ Dustin, Genius of Time Live, Fantastic Man, Khidja, Black Merlin, Alicia Carrera


22 October

DJ Harvey

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