IN REVIEW: Solomun +1

Words by: Paul Heilborn
Posted: 21/9/17 10:34

We hit Solomun's Pacha party to see if the German star's hype train is still chugging.

Ibiza worker cliché number 1. After the onslaught that is ‘Your Friends Coming to See You Mid Season,’ I told anyone who cared to listen that this weekend was going to be a chilled one. As you do. As dusk became dawn and the urge to chill became an urge to move, the Ibiza bug came on strong. The only medication for it: Solomun +1. For many people on the island, this is the only place to be on a Sunday night. For me, it's my first voyage to a rave at Pacha.

Could the mainly VIP orientated club bring the goods and live up the hype I have heard so much about? This is Pacha’s 50th year on the island, a Titanic feet in clubland, so all doubt should have been left at the entrance.

Solomun holds cult status on the White Isle after mesmerising crowds at DC-10, Cocoon, and Destino over the years and is most acclaimed for his weekly takeover of Pacha. Into the 5th year of Solomun +1, this party invites superstar guest DJ’s  into the Dynamic commander in chief’s house haven. On Sundays at Pacha the DJ booth is relocated to the middle of the dance-floor creating a unique experience for the dancers. The DJ, it seems, is one of the punters for the evening. Fog submerges the club, the Solomun +1 neon sign hangs over the booth transfixing the magpies below.

I arrive at 2am just in time to see tonight’s guest Superpitcher close his opening set. By all accounts it was a well crafted warm up that got the crowd gyrating with blissful vibes and provided a solid base for the big man to takeover the cockpit and blast Pacha into another dimension.

At 3am, the crowd erupts when the start of the night jumped into the mix. The dancefloor is a mixture of young and old and very cosmopolitan, reflecting Solomun’s global appeal. A Solomun set is as reliable as clockwork; vocals, grooves, balearic mystique all facilitate the high paced deep beats that have found the perfect partner on Pacha’s sub heavy sound system. The dance-floor is packed, the big man is already in his element, melodic grooves expertly have feet stomping and arms elevated.

One would be forgiven for thinking a Mexican wave had erupted so many hands litter the skies. Solomun drops  Arttu ‘Walking On A Fine Line and the electricity in the room pumps up to dangerous volts.

Solomun frequently indulges in a back to back to close the night with his significant other for the evening. He carries on where he left off dropping unreleased gems, Superpitcher comes in with,  Justus Kohncke ‘2 after 909’ which has the crowd rocking.


Solomun hits back with SoulPhiction ‘Sky So High’ and by 7am the dance-floor is bouncing.


I left Pacha in the early hours wondering why in my six years on the island I have never been to this night. Consequently anyone and everyone that had listened to me yap on about chilling for the weekend, now has to listen to me telling them about this party.


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