Listen to the new bonkers Errorsmith

Words by: Susan Howard
Posted: 25/9/17 12:57

Errorsmith adds to his impressive discography with another mind warping track.

Erik Wiegand is responsible for some of dance music's wildest tracks. He made one of the remixes of the decades in the 2000s with Soundstream as Smith N Hack with their remix of Herbert's 'Moving Like A Train.' As MMM he created the wonky classic 'Donna' in 1997 with another Berlin artist, Fiedel.

Now he is returning to his Errorsmith alias for his first album under that name in thirteen years and the first track to emerge is the insanely pitch bending 'I'm Interesting, Cheerful & Sociable.'

Like previous tracks, it's another exercise in pushing a synthesizer to the limits of its capabilities and sounds like another sonic rollercoaster to add to his formidable collection of peak time boundary, pushing bombs. “I would say it is rather accessible and cheerful; at times ridiculously cheerful but still very sincere and emotional,” he says. “I find it touching when this little android raises its pitch at the end of ‘Lightspeed’ or the android catching its breath in ‘My Party’ for instance.”

Errorsmith's album 'Superlative Fatigue' is out on 20 October on PAN.



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