Introducing - Mioritmic Festival

Words by: Sophie Roberts
Posted: 29/9/17 8:44

For those who are particularly moved by the sounds emerging from Romania and the clubs, collectives and festivals that have served as a platform for these artists, Mioritmic Festival, now in its 5th year, may well be the event you have been looking for.

The off-the-grid festival, located in the Cluj area of Transylvania (north-west Romania) quotes itself as
the 'future present of our past' and is somewhat of a by-product of the classic Romanian throwdown Sunwaves, unofficially acting as its autumn edition.

The concept behind both sit firmly away from the fuss of the A-list spotlight and concentrate on a circuit consisting of intensely diverse musical experiences for its visitors.

The music policy is to invite the most influential artists for their sound, both in Romania's rich musical history and worldwide, rather than your typical top 100 names. 

You can rest assured that although Mioritmic enters its fifth year at its Gothic Transylvanian home and has hosted mega international artists like Magda, tINI & Bill Patrick, Raresh, Rhadoo and Barac,
 it maintains a 'heads down' ethos that prevents ill fitting crowds and behaviour. A triumph in itself, and we haven't even entered the site.

This year, from 6-8 October, prepare to transcend into their universe...

Upon entering the eerie forest of Padurea Hoia, festival goers can expect to be completely disconnected from the real world. And not just in a technological sense, the trees here bend in a gravity-defying way. The forest of Hoia is world-renowned for it's paranormal phenomena and has featured on the BBC as one of the most haunted sites in the world. 

The natural outdoor setting at this site, combined with the immaculate state of the art sound system will no doubt put the crowd in a state of appreciative flux for the collaboration of nature and technology. 

The decor at Mioritmic tends to mimic its alfresco setting; traditional Romanian motives and designs litter the site. Mushrooms, humming birds, rain drops, flowers & trees blossoming are projected on the geometric wooden carvings that surround the DJ booths. Most of the site is structured from wood here - their ode the natural world is immediately apparent. 

The music is, as we have already touched on, curated for those who err on the side of the finer things when it comes to stripped back and underground tones. Expect marathon sets from the bookings here, broken up with live shows from acts such as Atipic and Argatu alongside many more.

As with every year, new faces will arrive at the site, but each is immediately submerged in the 'togetherness' of the festival and the intimacy that is created on their hallowed dance floors. Although it's popularity will inevitably increase, the message is clear - this magic is a best kept secret and promoters will safeguard it's initial concept as the years evolve.

We can only begin to guess at the magic that will be created at the eerily mystical site. Highly recommended.

Contact their Events Manager for more information.

6/10/17 We Recommend - Mioritmic Festival
We Recommend - Mioritmic Festival

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