Dedication Feat. Danielle Moore 'Show Me Love' (Adventures in Paradise)

Words by: Joe Morris
Posted: 2/10/17 15:39

Felix Dickinson drafts in one of the UK's best disco vocalists to appear on the next outing for his collaborative project.

Dedication are comprised of UK DJ and producer Felix Dickinson and Tokyo designer Mikey Yamada. A small but essential collection of releases from the pair have so far appeared on DFA, Claremont56 and Dickinson’s own Cynic Music imprint.

Their latest offering is a shimmering slab of deep disco brilliance on new London based label Adventures in Paradise, run by the inimitable Katie Barber and Michelle Kelly. ‘Show Me Love’ is a bona fide call to arms; infectious guitar licks and an irresistible bass hook demand your presence on the dance floor.

If that isn’t enough to make you submit, the delectable vocals of Crazy P's Danielle Moore suddenly appear with her trademark seductive yet assertive delivery, drawing you in, insisting: “You should show me love”. And who are we to argue?

Ibiza Voice score: 8/10



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