ADE Highlights 7-11 Monkey Business with Modeselektor and Cracking On With VBX

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Posted: 27/10/17 17:01

For the next in our series of ADE recaps, we heard Modeselektor speak about making dreams come true, partied with Amsterdam's hottest rave crews and learned an ADE lesson the hard way.


Discussing Monkey Business with Modeselektor and Gajek

It’s 10am and freezing cold outside of London’s underground music institution Fabric. An excitable young man in a t-shirt dripping with sweat rushes over to Modeselektor following their marathon set. “Hey guys, take my demo!” he pleads.

Flash forward to the state-of-the-art De Brakke Grond lecture hall at ADE last Thursday and we were listening to two of electronic music’s most celebrated figures in Modeselektor recall the story of the only demo they ever released, from UK artist Benjamin Damage.

It’s an inspiring tale and one of many that Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary share over the course of an hour. The pair are a unique presence in electronic music and one of its hottest duos, with a history in the scene that stretches as far back as the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Together with fellow Berlin producer Apparat, they make up another famous live act, Moderat, and are among the elite of Berlin artists to stem from the city.

A humbling sense of passion was present as Modeselektor narrated their journey through a distinguished music career to a packed theatre filled with keen ears. Gernet expressed views on music as a feeling, pushing the belief that electronic music has to experienced in a club environment to really ‘feel’ it.  

Szary’s views echoed the same passion, admitting that discovering techno music really uncovered emotions he may never have felt before several moving experiences in clubs.“I’m sorry if I sound like some crazy hippy but, I grew up with techno, man!”

HYTE’s Four Day Marathon Series Killed It

All four days of HYTE’s run of ADE parties at the Warehouse Elementenstraat meant business. The Friday night kicked things off with Ricardo Villalobos, Sonja Moonear repeating previous year’s magic and Seth Troxler in the main room while the FUSE crew drew their loyal crowd to room Two. The party changed over in the morning to make way for an all techno/electro lineup with homegrown crew, Dekmantel Soundystem being our highlight before HYTE favourites Chris Liebing and Pan Pot lead the lineup for the party that night. Loco Dice’s Desolat Crew lead the line the following  night with Amsterdam cult label Slapfunk, bringing their underground garage vibe to room two.

VBX Lay Claim to Being Amsterdam’s Hottest Rave Crew (Again)

VBX are Amsterdam’s leading minimal house party outfit. And one of the nicest groups of people on the scene. This year they held three parties over the course of the week and all three were easily some of the best parties of ADE. Vera and Francesco Del Garda opened proceedings on the Thursday. On the Saturday morning, the crew hosted one of the standout ADE afterparties at their key venue Bret. Jamie Jones, Seth Troxler and the FUSE crew were just some of the big names partying after their shows the night before at the all day afterhours, with Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia (as SIT) and Jan Krueger DJing alongside residents. Situated a little way out of town in nearby borough Sloterdijk, the venue is built from industrial containers with an all wooden interior creating perfect after party acoustics. When the party finished, the crew decamped to Shelter for one of the week’s most hyped, sold out parties. Zip and Raresh and Praslea under their Praslesh guise, guested alongside resident Ferro.


The Free ADE  Brolly and Poncho

It rarely rains quite as cruelly as it does at ADE. Usually when you’re at your lowest, dying with a hangover, or you’ve been up for two days and are crawling to your hotel room. On Thursday however, we were greeted with a glorious day of late Indian Summer sunshine. So lovely in fact that on Friday, we marched off to our ADE talks confidently leaving behind the free ADE brolly and poncho that came with the ADE welcome pack, only to find ourselves hours later, being shat on mercilessly by the weather witch. ADE lesson number one: never forget your free brolly.


Joris Voorn Throws a Rave in a Classical Concert Hall

Joris Voorn is a regular at key party fixtures in Amsterdam such as Awakenings. This year he debuted his Spectrum party in the city in collaboration with promotion team, Audio Obscura, who are renowned for throwing parties in unusual venues with a wow factor. In addition to hosting Underworld at the Rijksmuseum, for this particular event they took over the Muziekgebouw classical concert venue. Filling such a room with ravers and incredible production which included light coloured wall panels all around the main room, provided one of the week’s most memorably experiences. Joris played a back to back all night with Kölsch and luckily Be-At-TV were there to capture the full set.

Check out Part 1 (Underworld live at the Rijksmuseum) in our ADE Recap series here and Part Two (Toren, Gashouder, etc) here.




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