Steve Cobby 'Hemidemisemiquaver LP' (Déclassé Recordings)

Words by: Joe Morris
Posted: 2/11/17 19:18

One of the UK's unsung greats weights in with another vital solo album.

Steve Cobby is one of the UK’s finest electronic music producers, a fact that’s perhaps often not celebrated enough. For well over twenty five years Steve has coloured the world with his compositions, most notably with his work as one half of Fila Brazilia and involvement with Pork Recordings, as well as a myriad of other collaborations and heavy-weight remixing throughout the Nineties and early Noughties.

It was in 2014 that Steve took the decision to leave behind the collaborations and announce a long overdue solo project with his excellent ‘Suadade’ album. The ‘Everliving’ long player followed in 2015 to similar acclaim and we now come to this third solo outing with ‘Hemidemisemiquaver’, perhaps his strongest individual effort yet. Again kaleidoscopic themes of dub, electronica, soul-jazz and Balearica are explored and yet a tighter and more focused journey emerges this time out.

The opener ‘Jenkem’ entices with warm chords, a gentle drum groove and delightful melodic flourishes followed by the altogether more energetic ‘Rick James Dwells In The Abyss’. Built around a cool Rick James sample and some slick guitar work while Rhodes-like chords combine for a jazzy drum & bass feel. We then come to album stand out ‘The Canyons Of Lower Manhattan’; a four four dance-floor groove powered by Moog bass stabs, arpy synths and a real ear worm of a melody.

'Babylon On The Hudson’ is a great dub-reggae excursion; Steve’s strong rhythmic guitar weaving in and out of the horns, drum fills and dub FX. A seductive, subtle feel encompasses ‘Heure D’or,’ while the down-tempo, lounge-like ‘A Candle For The Moth’ is a deeper, chilled affair. ‘Cherry-Skin Blanket’ is rich in languid atmospherics before ‘Fixing The Shadows’ closes out the album, washing over you in hazy, dreamlike fashion. ‘Hemidemisemiquaver’ is a thoroughly accomplished and distinct piece, ensuring there’s something for everyone. It's a real testament to Steve’s insistence on the highest quality.

Ibiza Voice Score: 9/10




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