Claro Intelecto ‘Exhilarator’ (Delsin)

Words by: Kristan Caryl
Posted: 14/11/17 13:30

The producer behind glittering, electro classic 'Peace of Mind' is back with a vital album.

Fans of IDM, techno and dub have long been fascinated by the work of Manchester’s Claro Intelecto. Releasing on Modern Love and latterly Delsin, he’s a master of blurring the lines between ambiance and rhythmic propulsion. You can either sit back at home and zone out to his tunes, or get lost in their cavernous bass chambers in a large club. His first album in five years, though, finds the producer following his instincts rather than making music to fit perceptions.

‘Exhilarator’ still bares plenty of his usual sonic hallmarks—icy synths cutting through tracks like rays of light at the bottom of the ocean; churning drums that are lumpy and heavy, and a sense of spaciousness and broad stereo field few producers can achieve. But there are also darker industrial influences next to blissful passages of suspensory ambiance and soothing electronic lullabies.

Sometimes melodies are harmonic and reflective and glassy, high frequencies dangle in the air above rubbery beds of drums. At others, his synths are skewed and stretched, tortured and teased to bring real, inner turmoil to his tracks.  

It makes for an unpredictable ride that manages to go from the most calming sea currents to twisted techno stompers. Yet somehow it all make senses and sounds like different moods and moments from the same imaginary world. Beguiling and beautiful, this is an album that demands repeat listening and rewards it with a terrific narrative journey.

Ibiza Voice: 8/10


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