Amp Fiddler ‘Amp Dog Knights’ (Mahogany)

Words by: Kristan Caryl
Posted: 15/11/17 11:16

After time out to deal with tragedies, Amp Fiddler returns with another classic for Moodymann's Mahogani Music.

Quite how Amp Fiddler isn’t one of the biggest names in the game is a mystery. To quickly recap: he was touring with George Clinton’s Parliament in his twenties, taught J Dilla how to use the MPC sampler, has produced albums for Prince and Jamiroquai, played live with artists like Theo Parrish and recorded with Moodymann and Andrés.

His own recorded output includes super sweet, neo-soul classics like ‘Waltz of a Ghetto Fly,' but for the last ten years he’s been in the shadows after the death of his son and father. After a more dance focussed LP, Motor City Booty, slipped under the radar last year, he’s now back with arguably his best yet. ‘Amp Dog Knights’ is the sound of a master musician and vocalist at work.

From the low-slung boom-bap of ‘Keep Coming,’ to smoochy slow jam ‘No Politics’ via zoned out deep house Moodymann collab ‘I Get Moody Sometimes,’ these are buttery funk and soul-licked sounds of the highest order. It’s an album for lazy days and steamy nights that sits up there with touchstones like Curtis Mayfield or Isaac Hayes.

Amp’s own achingly expressive vocals range from silky smooth whispers to more righteous and stirring expressions, which lend the album a sense of dynamism as it revs you up then calms you down, stirs your pheromones, then gets your feet tapping. There’s no denying Amp got the ‘fonk’—as he calls it—and when paired with guests like Wajeed, Andrés and Moodymann, there’s no stopping him.

Ibiza Voice Score: 9/10


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