Eats Everything 'Loud' (Relief)

Words by: Stu Todd
Posted: 17/11/17 14:02

Eats Everything is back in the studio for his first solo EP of 2017. 

Few artists are better built for the big rooms than Bristol lad Eats Everything. From his break out track 'Entrance Song' to his more recent outings, Dan and his undeniable skills, both in the studio and behind the decks, have propelled him to most corners of the musical sphere. For this outing on Green Velvet's Relief Records, the Bristolian is in full on main room mode and, as the name of the track suggests, it demands that it be played loud.

'Loud' is an unabashed peak time, tech house bomb angled directly at destroying the dancefloor. Rattling percussion gives way to thumping drum licks, unnerving synths and an ominous bassline. Snaking vocals weave their way in and out of the track and at critical points, a spoken word vocal asks: “Do you understand English?” When the tracks kicks back in with raw hi hats and rave synth stabs, you better know the answer. 

Ibiza Voice Score: 6/10


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