Sónar Sends Music To Another Planet

Words by: S Roberts
Posted: 17/11/17 16:58

Sónar have certainly been thinking outside the box, and outside the planet, for their 25th anniversary celebrations. The Barcelona festival is launching a new pioneering project to send music into space.

Over the coming months, the sounds of 33 artists, including Autechre, Nina Kraviz, Laurent Garnier and Kerri Chandler, will be emitted to a planet nearly 13 lightyears away from Earth. This the first time contact with planet GJ 237b is attempted. 

The planet in question was chosen because it is near enough to be able to reply back with a message of its own in our lifetimes. If any lifeforms on GJ 237b are feeling in the mood for a chat, a message could be sent back back to the European Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association in Norway from where it was sent in 25 years. The next transmission is going ahead in April 2018, just two months before the festival in June.

Listen to the music here. 


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