Private Agenda ‘Dusk & Dawn’ (NuNorthern Soul)

Words by: Joe Morris
Posted: 21/11/17 18:01

Leading balearic label NuNorthern Soul delivers an essential remix package for Private Agenda.

Since Private Agenda first emerged on Mark Barrott’s International Feel imprint in 2015 they have impressed with a slew of releases favouring a contemporary disco attitude and a pop-touched sensibility. ‘Dusk & Dawn’ on Phil Cooper’s ‘NuNorthenSoul’ label is arguably their strongest outing yet and comes complete with a fantastic selection of remixes. ‘Dusk’ gets underway to a half-time machine drum beat, evoking new wave pop feels through Sean Philips’ wistful, melancholic vocal and characterful synth touches.

‘Dawn’ is a dreamier beat-less piece offering up heart-wrenching pianos and ambient sound design; reverse guitars and the soaring vocal combining with beautiful arpreggios. Faze Action provide a killer  tropical disco-house take of ‘Dawn’, Crazy P’s Ron Basejam goes for a deeply funked out version of ‘Dusk,’ while Ian Blevins opts for a deeper, mid-tempo warm up house groove. An outstanding rounded and solid package.

Ibiza Voice score: 7/10


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