Red Rack'em 'Place For Me (Version) / Exhalt' (Bergerac)

Words by: Joe Morris
Posted: 23/11/17 15:20

The producer behind one of 2016's biggest club hits is back with another disco editing banger.

Danny Berman is on a roll. His ‘Wonky Bassline Disco Banger’ 12” crossed more boundaries than a dance music single in 2016 really had any right to and found its way to the top of Juno and Phonica's best seller lists. How to follow it up? 'Place For Me (Version)' follows a similar disco cut up theme as ‘Wonky’ yet was originally produced in 2009, so he cannot be accused of turfing out a soundalike as the creators of many hit record have been known to do in the past. Updated and remastered, it’s more a testament to Red Rack’em’s skill for crafting a fresh, slamming house groove that's guaranteed to get the floor rocking.

'Exhalt' takes a dreamier, deeper route. A low bass combines with crisp drums for an emotive electronic house cut that’s already gained praise from Andrew Weatherall and Detroit Swindle.  

Ibiza Voice score: 8/10




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