SPONSORED: How Do You Get Noticed By Online Music Stores?

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Posted: 30/11/17 14:33

Getting your tracks onto a download store's homepage is the Holy Grail of many labels.

We speak to Reach Promo's CEO Adam Helder to find out the answer to one of the biggest questions on the lips of producers and labels around the world.

How do you get featured on big music stores like Beatport or Traxsource? It’s a burning question for hundreds of thousands of producers and labels around the world. And one that is fraught with frustration. Thousands of tracks are put up for sale on a download store like Beatport each week and unless your track is leveraged above the competition somehow, it’s likely to get lost in a vast ocean of music that few listeners ever hear.

There are a lot of factors involved, but according to music promo expert Adam Helder, getting noticed is a target you can achieve with a mid to long term strategy.

“Beside the quality of your releases, a store, wants to understand how much will you be able to sell your music, and they look to some key-factors like your brand identity, your social presence and your marketing efforts,” says Adam.

Helder is CEO of Reach Promo, a house and techno PR agency and promo pool, and advises following some key tips to improve your chances of getting more attention from the stores:

Build a strong brand identity

The Brand identity is how the other peoples will perceive your label or your artist image, and the first impression is always important. Peoples are not only buying your music, they are buying your image.

Choose your style, and make your visual communication coherent. Is your music serious, dark-oriented techno, fashion conscious deep house or a happy electronic brand?  The kind of artwork associated with an EDM act might not cut it for raw, underground techno.

Choose a characterising theme and use it often. Is there something that identifies your brand? Spanish label Suara like cats for example, and include their furry friends in artwork as often as possible.

Find a communication key. When you write a release sheet, or post on your social networks always be coherent with your image. Are you friendly? Hyped? Glam? Find your own vibe and be coherent.

Build your social presence

Stores like Beatport are keen to promote labels and artists who have a solid presence on the web, because having a solid presence and a large amount of active followers means you’ll probably be able to sell more music.

The social networks are essential channels to get to your audience, be sure to post content on a regular basis. If you’re not using them, you might as well close the channel. Link all your social networks to each other, and link each to your website.

Last, but not least, a good website is the place where fans interested in your label will find information on your vision, your music and your achievements. Be sure it’s always up to date, easy to consult and easy to find.

Plan your marketing with anticipation

Stores choose what to feature weeks ahead of release, and most importantly, they want to know how you’re marketing your music. This includes:

DJs, radio and magazines support. It is very important to gather some reactions from music business operators, you could do this building your own list over time, or working with a PR Agency like Reach Promo, which already has its own established relationships.

Plays on Soundcloud. While Soundcloud is going through tough times, it’s still the most used platform for music, so it’s worth spending your time to get the most plays and reactions possible.

All of these figures can be presented to the stores through most of the distributors two to four weeks before the release date, so pre-release buzz is very important.


Reach Promo client Anna V, DJ and label boss of the Voltage label.

What’s the best thing to do to promote a release?

Promoting is, of course, one of the most important things to do when you’re releasing a new record. Today there’s an huge amount of new tracks being published every day, and it’s easy to get lost in the crowd, so you have to reach the right people to support you by playing, reviewing and charting your tracks.

You can build a list yourself, but this usually takes a lot of time to be effective, or you can turn to a PR agency like Reach Promo.

We’re working mostly with house, tech house, techno and deep house music, and it took almost five years to build our list and establishing a relationship with DJs and media, but it’s been worth the effort. A record label that works with a PR agency is a big “plus” for music stores like Beatport or Traxsource. Working with professionals helps the stakeholders to understand that you deeply trust in your project and when you aim high, it can make difference.

For more info on Reach Promo click here. 


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