Photo Flashback: Space Closing, September 2003

Words by: I Voice
Posted: 8/12/17 10:52

For the next in our series of photo flashbacks we delve into their archives to find some images of a classic Space closing party from the early 2000s. Carl Cox was the King of Space while Erick Morillo and Steve Lawler were his princes in waiting, and even though the sound system wasn't all that, the still only-partially covered Space Terrace was at its magical best.


An early sitdown on the open air Terrace.


Carl Cox rocking an impressive Hawaiian fourteen years ahead of trend.

Space owner Pepe Rosello gets the drinks in for then resident and Aussie first lady of prog, Sarah Main.


Space opened its car park to host an outside dancefloor for Closings which gave a hint of the colossal super cub it would become in later years.


Mr C (we aim to feature Mr C in every collection of pics) and Manumission's Johnny pose with a very disinterested friend. Just wait until the iPhones start coming out pal and you'll really hate having your photo taken.

Pepe and one of the stars of the Terrace, in the heyday of his prog era, Steve Lawler.


Erick Morillo lapping up the crowd's attention on the Terrace.

Finally, those crappy massage chairs in airports make sense... off your nut at Space.


Ever the consummate professional, not even the yellow rose of an admirer could distract John Digweed from a mix.


 Love, tragedy and ciggies in the Space car park.

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