2017 In Review: Tracks of the Year (60-41)

Words by: Ben Raven, Susan Howard, Tom Dagless, Joe Morris
Posted: 21/12/17 18:39

Oh yes, oh yes: Carl Cox rocks Privilege.

For the next instalment in the Ibiza Voice selection of 2017's best AND biggest tracks we bring you highlights from Octa Octa, Special Request, Thomas Melchior and more. 

And so the debate, and the killer tunes continue. Our own particular algorithm for deciding the year's best tunes came down to a formula that was simple in theory but highly difficult in application. We restricted our selection to what were in our opinion the year's best tracks, offset by the year's biggest tracks that kept within what we deemed to be the lines of quality, forward thinking music. 

To allow the music to breathe, we're counting down to number one in blocks of twenty and this next selection captures entries from Binh, Denis Sulta and Thomas Melchior. 



Roberto ‘Chord Recall (Peverelist Remix)’ (Solar Phenomena)



Octo Octa ‘Adrift’ (Honey Soundsystem)

One of the breakout stars of the year on one of our favourite US labels.


Special Request ‘Curtain Twitcher’ (Houndstooth)



Binh ‘Chalzedon’ (Time Passages)

The new strain of techno emanating from Berlin's new school captivated dancefloors and this jerky bassline bomb from Binh sold out everywhere in days. 


Denis Sulta 'Our World (With A Boy On It's Shoulders)' (Sulta Selects)

Denis Sulta continued to charge up the popularity ladder with crowd pleasing sets and this bomb track. 



Blawan '993' (Ternesc)

The Midlands techno goliath returned with a new album and this fast paced biggie.



Nina Kraviz ‘Pochuvstvui’ (Trip)

Whether you heard her say: ‘bounce,’ ‘pounce,’ ‘ounce’ or maybe even 'flounce,' this hi-hat heavy brain worm was one of the year’s most hypnotic tracks.


Skee Mask 'Routine' (Ilian Tape)

The Zenker Brothers killer label continued to drop forward thinking mind bombs and this was a sound design feast.



Secret Cinema & Egbert ‘Maximaal’ (Drumcode)

Big techno for the mental moments and championed by Sven Väth all Summer long.



Burial ‘Predawn’ (Nonplus)

Burial returned with a bang and in full on rave mode as can be heard on this hyper techno tune.



Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann 'Phantom Studies' (Ostgut Ton)




Machine Woman ‘Camile From Ohm Makes Me Feel Loved’ (Technicolour)

Ninja Tune were all over it in 2017 and even their offshoot labels were carrying heat.



Lone ‘Crush Mood’ (R&S)

A simple but highly effective banger that kept us at the front of the dancefloor.


Minor Science ‘One More Fluorescent Rush’ (Whities)


One of our favourite labels kept pushing the boundaries and this changed the game for techno fans.



Loleatta Holloway ‘Stand Up (Pangaea's Mix)’ (Salsoul)

We'll bet Pangaea didn't start the year expecting to be on one of the most historically important disco labels out there. Lolleatta Holloway's vocal has been sampled so many times it's impossible to count them all, but when the track is done right, we still can't get enough of it. This was the B-side to a cheeky edits package that the original's label Salsoul decided was good enough to release.


Makcim & Levi ‘1055ML’ (Lazare Hoche)

The Dutch minimal house scene had another big year and these VBX favourites started the year nicely with this jacker. 


Nomad ‘Devotion (Pangaea’s Edit) (Hadal)

Croatia massive prepare to get teary eyed when this emotive breaksy house bomb brings back all those summer memories. 



S'Express ‘Theme From S'Express (Detlef Remix)

This took the heads of the Paradise dancefloor whenever anyone played it all Summer long even if most of its fans were unaware of the original. 



Melchior Productions LTD 'The Warmth (Perlon)

Perlon capped twenty years in the business by closing their sprawling Suplongevity 6 compilation with this swirling juggernaut of emotion.


Planet Love ‘Mya’ (Slow Life)

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