Ilija Rudman presents Andre Espeut ‘Tears To Sound’ (NuNorthern Soul)

Words by: Joe Morris
Posted: 17/1/18 15:08

One of Croatia's finest weighs with an essential EP aided by a killer remix from Ron Trent.

Ilija Rudman rarely puts a foot wrong. For over a decade the Croatian has been responsible for high quality and distinct productions across a myriad of labels such as Electric Minds, Classic Music Company and Bearfunk among others.

Here, Rudman has drafted in the vocals of Andre Espeut who delivers a seductive vocal over rising and falling melodies, languid key flourishes and wonderfully warm analogue bass. 'Distant Feelings' is fluid in depth with an emotive piano refrain and dreamy chords reclining on sizzling percussion and direct beats. Ron Trent’s magnificent ultra-deep re-imagination rightfully gives focus to Espeut’s lucid vocal, ensuring that this epic mix is surely one of his finest yet.

The Balearic side of Rudman’s productions comes through on 'Deep Sensation,' a breezy juxtaposition of rolling electric piano riffs, elastic boogie bass and tumbling, vibraphone melodies. Both tracks prove to be as essential as the thrilling Andre Espeut collaboration. Yet more proof that Phil Cooper’s NuNorthern Soul has established itself as a buy on sight imprint.

Ibiza Voice Score: 9/10



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