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Words by: I Voice
Posted: 26/1/18 16:01

The Swiss tech house star talks loneliness, Brooklyn and getting over his fear of flying.

The city I would love to move to one day... This is something I discuss a lot with my friends. New York springs to mind as I am literally blinded by this city. When I’m there, I always have that feeling of excitement. It’s hard to explain, its beauty makes it stand out as well as its diversity. The vibe between Manhattan and Brooklyn is completely different.

Brooklyn is the area I’d choose to live and Manhattan is all about the "being in a movie" experience. I could walk for hours through Manhattan, through all those buildings and just sucking up the Big Apple vibe. Some people get stressed out in big hectic cities, but for me, to be honest, even though New York is as big as it can be, it relaxes me.

I never get on a flight without... My noise cancellation headphones. They protect me from all the other “noises“ that people can possibly produce during a flight.  I even have two pairs of these to make sure. [With] flights and airports in general, the whole process has become beyond routine. It’s just boring and it can easily go from boring to me being totally stressed if I don’t have my noise cancellation headphones on me!

The scariest thing that's ever happened to me while travelling was... Before becoming a touring DJ I was only playing local gigs. I was shitting in my pants just thinking about flying. The first few times I had to take a plane to a gig, I didn’t sleep for like two days before. It was absolutely surreal sitting in that metal tube called a plane for the first time. It scared me big time.

After a few of these paranoid travel experiences and a serious turbulence experience which lasted for hours, nothing can scare me really now and today I am totally healed from plane paranoia and I do a couple of hundred flights a year.

The last time I got into trouble with a hotel... I have a “I don’t disturb you, you don’t disturb me” kind of relationship with hotels.

The only time I get in trouble is when I don’t respect the checkout times. I usually wanna just get my well needed sleep, so the first thing I do when I get into my room is put the “do not disturb“ sign on. So


The most unique place I've ever played was... In an old church in Liverpool once. It was an absolutely incredible scenario. The challenging part was the sound but the overall experience was very special. Visually it was a dream and a unique experience.

The loneliest I've ever felt travelling was... was the minute I started doing nonstop, one gig after the other for weeks and weeks, especially during summer. That’s when you feel lonely. From when you start your travel to the city, until you go for dinner with the promoter and then go to the club. And then the same thing the next day and so on.The more it happens, the more it starts to play on your mind because you can’t share certain moments with someone else.

On the times I travel with a tour manager, loneliness isn’t a thing really as you share everything and make even the most boring moments funny. But I quite often travel without, and until I work with a regular tour manager again I prefer to take a friend with me to minimise the loneliness.

The best hotel I've ever stayed in... I have seen some dope ass five star plus hotels where they literally give you everything you wish for but what they can’t give you, is your own bed. I love nice hotels but the best hotel I’ve ever stayed is called home. I can recommend my own home because I’ll make you the best food and we can watch football all day. You’re all invited! But If you really want me to mention a hotel, I would say Hotel Palace in St. Moritz. The name says it all. It’s a castle with an amazing spa in the Swiss mountains.

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