Ibiza Awaits elrow :: Interview

Words by: Ben Raven
Posted: 30/1/18 13:47

elrow at Amnesia in 2017.

elrow have just announced their next run of Ibiza dates at Amnesia. After ending the season as one of the island’s biggest success stories last year, we spoke to Bookings Director Victor De La Serna to find out what the global clubbing super power has in store for this season.

Ibiza Voice: Can you give us some hints of who will be playing this season?

Victor De La Serna: That’s a very well kept secret for now, but I can tell you that some new names that have not played for us in Ibiza yet, will be back for our second season in Amnesia. And obviously, all of our residents will be back, they represent the brand better than anyone else.

elrow's Victor De La Serna

Whose name crops up on your wishlist most often when planning Ibiza?

Ibiza is a whole different beast than the rest of the world. There’s obviously a lot of politics involved and still some parties are very protective of their residents. I am of the opinion that when things are done with enough time in between gigs, politics should not play a part as the good thing about Ibiza is that the crowd normally renews itself every week as new people fly in as the others conclude their holidays. But that’s how the island is and you have to play by its rules.

Can you recall the first elrow party in Ibiza, when you felt the brand was finally cracking the island?

The first sold-out at party Space was pretty special for us. It is not an easy feat to pull off and when we did, we felt like we were walking a few inches above ground. [In Ibiza,] we have gone from doing our first ever party at Zoo Project to premiering the Vista Club to sharing Space with Kehakuma. Then selling Space out for a few dates and on to the incredible 14 sold out parties at Amnesia last year.

Can you name any acts you've wanted to book for awhile but not been able to?

With time you manage to book pretty much everyone you want. Some take more time than others. Last year was pretty special as we had the luck of having Carl Cox play elrow in Barcelona and did a monster six-hour set in the Terrace. In December I also managed to get Laurent Garnier for a four hour set. He’s my favourite DJ of all time so having him come and play for us was a dream come true.

Have you ever had to politely decline any requests from celebrities wanting to play?

It has not come to that [yet]. The most famous person we have had play was Idris Elba last year in London, but he was a DJ before getting into acting and he really did an amazing job. He was on crutches at the time and still showed and up and killed it!

elrow is one of the few events where the party is the star of the show, not the DJ, how difficult is it to keep things that way in an industry where the stardom of DJs is aggressively pushed by artist managers, press and agents?

It’s about finding the right balance. We always say that if elrow as a whole could be split in four parts, 25% would be the DJs, 25% decoration, 25% performers and FX and 25% the crowd. Something just clicks together when all the parts are perfect and as such, the artists are very important for the us.

With 170 shows around the world this year, how does elrow manage all of these parties to ensure the vibe is the same everywhere?

We have a commercial team, a music team, logistics, production, decoration, performers. It’s all about teamwork and we are all like a big family. It is the only way to manage such a volume of work!

Which international elrow events are you looking forward to most this year and why?

After last year's sensational elrow town in London we decided to take it on the road and we have announced a new [festival] in Amsterdam and Antwerp as well as the return to (London's) Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. These are events that really show our most creative side on a large scale. And obviously, our second season at Amnesia.

How do you approach your job of researching what talent to book?

I try not to look at what other parties are doing. I read magazines, listen to music and try to go to other clubs and stages when I travel with elrow. elrow has a very specific sound so not all DJs fit the bill, it needs to be fun and energetic and obviously, you can’t take yourself too seriously.

elrow returns to Amnesia from May 26th - Oct 10th. To follow elrow on Facebook, click here.


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