Interview :: Darius Syrossian on his new label and return to Leeds

Words by: Darius Syrossian, Tom Leek
Posted: 15/2/18 10

Ibiza Voice chat with an act who is never shy to tell you exactly what is on his mind. Do Not Sleep resident Darius Syrossian is about to return to his old stomping ground at Mint Club, Leeds. Ibiza Voice caught up with him this week..

Ibiza Voice - You have just released Moxy EP on Hot Creations, what’s been the general response?

Darius Syrossian - The response has been massive, which is great, but not only for (title track) 'Moxy' but also ‘Hi It's Me’ which is on the flip, a thumping track which samples a friend of mine from Los Angeles, and has a tongue in cheek poke at the rise of tacky VIP culture in dance music and Ibiza in particular.

IV - You get around. Where is your ultimate party spot and why?

100% I would say South America, and Argentina in particular. I have to also say Italy is always amazing.

IV - Have you noticed any music trends that you think will be big this year? Or any DJs that have caught your eye that might be fairly unknown?

I think now so many different genres can co-exist, which is great, and that’s because of the internet and things like Soundcloud which let people find what they like themselves, rather than be dictated what they are supposed to like by music press, which quite often is fake or manufactured hype.

Also, personally I try to ignore trends. I really don’t think one sound deserves to be cool for a while, then suddenly not be cool, that doesn’t make any sense to me, i play any music that is good from any genre

It would be nice to see some more creativity by producers at the moment though, I think there is way too much generic sounding music that all relies on the same sounds and lacks depth.

Artists that have caught my attention are Tommy Vicari Jnr, also Mella Dee is putting out some amazing stuff on his Warehouse Music label. Amazing disco techno stuff that sounds like Robert Hood when he’s doing Floorplan, really good music! Also Fabe from Germany, really nice minimal stuff, Shaf Huse from Italy is making some amazing music and creating his own unique sound and a prime example that dance floor tracks don’t have to all copy the same formula as everyone else.

On the UK side, Ronnie Spiteri I’ve seen grow from a bedroom DJ to releasing on huge labels like Truesoul, Knee Deep in Sound, Get Physical and our Do Not Sleep label. We took him on tour to Argentina with us and he played brilliantly.

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Darius Syrossian's new Rinse FM Podcast

IV - What projects have you got upcoming that your fans can look forward to? 

Well I've not really broken this news properly yet but, since you asked, I might as well tell you. I’m starting my own record label [Moxy Muzik]. I’m pressing vinyl for each release and getting artists on board who I really admire and not just artists that might have press hype. I'm getting on artists that have made a name because of their music & nothing else, the first few releases feature legend Doc Martin from LA, Christian Burkhardt from Germany, also Tommy Vicari Jnr, Man Power, East End Dubs.

I don't want the label to be just a obvious big selling Beatport tech house producers, i want to showcase the deeper side of music I like and show that music for the dance floor and essentially 'Tech House' as a genre does not have to be a dirty word.

There are some really good artists out there that make music that can fit in both house and techno sets which is pretty much what tech house is. The label is also a chance for me to show that I can be versatile & dynamic with my productions. There will be disco and techno flavoured stuff, some stuff with progressive elements, there’s also a couple of tracks that a purely made on hardware alone, even the drums and percussion, so 100% a project on hardware. I road tested a particular track called 'Hammer' at fabric recently land it more than worked.

Away from productions, I have just started a monthly radio show for the RINSE FM guys which is broadcast on the second Friday of every month from 11:00 - 01:00

There is of course all the touring as well. I have upcoming gigs in San Francisco, Toronto & New York. As well as lots of upcoming Do Not Sleep shows including the one I am really looking forward to... a 4 hour set at Mint club in Leeds.

IV - What’s your favourite guilty pleasure tune?

Ahhh not sure, maybe lots of synth heavy 80s tracks like Human League? I recently played 'Just Cant Get Enough' by Depeche Mode as a last track but, then again, Depeche Mode are cool as f*ck so not sure that classes as a guilty pleasure.

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IV - Aside from music what else are you passionate about? We have seen your footy tips and I have it on good authority you are a Bantams (Bradford City) fan - is the club really your guilty pleasures?

I’m a massive Bradford City fan, although I lived in Leeds for years. Before moving to Cheshire I went to school in Bradford. As a kid as my dad was a lecturer at Bradford University and I played football for a local team. I've followed them for years and try to get to any matches if I'm gigging in a city where they may have an away match. I have also seen them at Wembley a couple of times in the last five years. That play off defeat last May hurt! But ill stick with them through thick & thin.

Re the bets! I put a couple of accumulators on at the beginning of season just to keep the season interesting which had Wolves, Villa, Wigan & Blackburn to be promoted and they all look they going to come in! Keeps Saturday afternoons in the airport really interesting, and I’m nearly always in an airport every Saturday afternoon.

IV - A lot of people say Leeds is a dance music destination. A lot of talent has come out of the scene here as you well know.  When you were younger we know you were grafting at Crash Records. How has your time in Leeds contributed to you as an artist?

So many DJs and producers have come out of Leeds, are from Leeds or lived in Leeds. I could name at least ten big name acts. When I used to live in Leeds it was referred to as the Berlin of the UK for electronic Music. Working in the record shop for all those years and playing the clubs and with so many legendary names from all over the world in my early DJ career was a big thing for me and 100% helped shape my career for sure.

IV - Do Not Sleep has been a regular fixture in your tour schedule. What does the brand bring that other parties don’t?

Well I don't really want say we are better than everyone else, every brand or party brings something different. Personally and for me what WE are about, is to be more about music and less about gimmicks, so it’s about a dark room, a good sound system and the MUSIC! Not about loads of props and confetti cannon and all that stuff, as I say that’s great for other parties & lots of people love that stuff, personally I just think its garnish that detracts from the music.

This is why I love MINT CLUB in Leeds, its a low ceiling, intimate dark club with a kick ass sound system and I cant wait to get stuck into this 4 hour set!


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