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Words by: Pig&Dan, Tom Leek
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After a chance meeting, on a flight to Barcelona in 1999, Pig&Dan have been busy travelling the globe, and playing at some of the biggest parties in the world. In the midst of their busy tour schedule, and ahead of their upcoming tour of the United States, Ibiza Voice talked to the duo about life on the road.

The city we would love to move to one day...

Amsterdam. We both adore this city because of the vibe it embraces within it. There is something so special about the people, as well as the architecture. Plus, it’s a city that houses such a passion for music. However, there are a couple of negative aspects that have stopped either of us moving there. First up is the weather and then the constant flow of tourists. 

When was the the last time you got into trouble with a hotel?

Dan - I was thrown out of a hotel for jumping from one bed to the another constantly in Ibiza. I had a bit of night out and they refused to refund me the other 13 nights I still had booked there. 

The last place to blow our mind was...

Tokyo, is without a doubt a mind-blowing experience. There is nowhere on earth as unique and interesting on so many different levels. The deeply rooted culture and the hyper modern mix is something that really takes you into Blade Runner mode. The movie 'Lost In Translation' nails it, especially with the way it shows how you feel when you first arrive. 

We’ve been going there since the mid 90s and, every single time we visit, it’s another amazing adventure. This city has the equivalent of 7 city centres and the way you drive to them on multi-level roads can be jaw dropping. Going to clubs on the 11th floor after parking your car 30 floors underground……so insane. The use of space is incredible. Also the wonderful patience and politeness the people possess is always truly inspiring.

We never get on a flight without the following..

Omni Charge Battery pack

One Above travel pills for dehydration 

Nintendo Switch 

MacBook Pro (to produce on)

The most unique place we’ve ever played was...

Igor - Dan played in a public toilet (we are guessing Public Life) in London which was a killer after party after playing at Fabric. The energy was insane even though the capacity was only 30 people!

I played in the middle of the jungle in Costa Rica, which really was hours from anywhere. I was dropping tracks from AC/DC and Cypress Hill to classic house. Super random but really fun!

The loneliest I've ever felt travelling was...

Well, we are incredibly lucky to be a duo sp most of the time we travel together. This, in turn, gives us the chance to not have to be lonely whilst globetrotting. Mind you, sometimes it’s nice to then actually get away from each other! We have become a little bit like a married couple on the road (laughs).

The worst flight I ever had...

Oh wow, well we’ve had a few! Probably one of the worst was where our flight was delayed because of hurricanes over the Caribbean and we needed to fly New York to then get to Panama for a connecting flight. It was then announced we would be the first flight of the day that was allowed to fly through the restricted zone. When we hit the top of Florida the plane was basically starting to lose control. We were sitting on a plane where the crew sat facing us in the exit rows and we watched both of the stewardesses burst into tears, out of fear. You know it’s bad when they’re shitting their pants as they’re usually the ones who project strength to the passengers.

People were vomiting and praying as the plane was truly being chucked all over the place. Much to our surprise we made it, sadly however I had black and blue palms from holding on so hard to the armrests throughout the hours of horror. 

Pig&Dan North America tour - catch them here:

Thursday Feb 22 - Gravity, Houston 
Friday Feb 23 - Avalon, Los Angeles
Saturday Feb 24 - Hardpop Juarez 
Thursday Mar 1 - Output, Brooklyn
Friday Mar 2 - The Great Northern, San Francisco 
Saturday Mar 3 - Scarlet Phoenix 
unday Mar 4 - Spin, San Diego


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