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Words by: Ben Raven
Posted: 27/2/18 7

Photo credit: Jos Kottmann.

The Swiss house and techno star has covered more air miles than most in his two decade career and explains what it’s like to find yourself next to Moodymann on a train platform and why London is THE place.


The city I would love to move to one day...

I recently sat down and reflected on my travels over the past 20 years or so, and realised just how many places I have been able to visit due to my work. It’s a real blessing to be able to see the world and discover different cultures and get to know the people. I have many favourite cities around the world: Melbourne, Tokyo, Madrid, Porto and Singapore for instance, but at the end of the day, the one city I would love to move to, is probably London. I am blown away by its creative vibe and mix of people and cultures from all around the world. Furthermore, it’s a musical mecca with most of the world’s best living here or passing by on a regular basis.


The last place to blow my mind was...

That would definitely have to be Byron Bay! I hadn’t even heard of this place until I was invited to play there during my current Australia and Asia tour. I’m here while I write this actually.

It’s incredibly stunning in terms of scenery. There are beaches which stretch for kilometers and you can easily be just by yourself at one of the countless stretches of sand. The vibe is super relaxed, everyone’s very friendly, there’s great and locally sourced food and the Hinterland is incredibly beautiful as well.


I never get on a flight without...

Over the years I have always carried an eye mask in my luggage and I actually can’t get to sleep without it. I have become very sensitive to light and wake up with the slightest rays of light coming into my eye. I reckon that’s due to the amount of travelling and spending time in different time zones over the years. Furthermore, I always carry my laptop obviously, and I try to make sketches and ideas for tracks whenever I get the chance on the road.


The most surreal thing that's ever happened to me while travelling was...

I hardly ever get starstruck but there was a time I played in Cologne and took the train to get back to Bern. [While] waiting for a while on the platform, I turned around to see Kenny Dixon Jr standing there waiting for his train. I had actually met him a couple of times but I just couldn’t get myself to go over and say hi. Needless to say he’s one of my absolute favourite musicians.


The most unique place I've ever played was...

I have played a few opening slots for Jamiroquai on his arena tour last year and these came in quite unexpectedly. It was a totally different setting for once and very challenging as well playing to an audience that was not really exposed to the music I play too much.

The most interesting gig [from the tour] was definitely playing the O2 in London. It was different in the sense that people would watch the set more like a concert and while they still danced a little bit, it was a totally different experience altogether. I basically just concentrated on the technical side of things and tried to pull of a performance showcasing my abilities to edit and remix tracks while DJing.


Photo credit: Jos Kottmann.

The loneliest I've ever felt travelling...

I hardly ever go away for long these days though but a few years ago I had to get on an Asian tour to Taiwan via Hong Kong and the weather was dreadful - storms all the way and not a single thing to see during the flight. Whenever I am on the road I get very lonely as I miss my family a lot and I don’t think I ever felt more lonely than on this journey, up in the air for so long.


The best hotel I've ever stayed in...

Many hotels around the world tend to look alike and feel similar so it’s usually the service that makes the difference. From that point of view, my favorite is the Pan Pacific in Singapore. In terms of setting, a really beautiful place is Chris’s Beacon Point in Apollo Bay, Australia, although you might get a few spiders and millipedes in the room.

Deetron’s DJ Kicks mix compilation album is out on March 9.

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