Review :: Chris Main - Physical (original Mix) [La Pera]

Words by: Stu Todd
Posted: 7/3/18 14:42

Chris Main 'Physical' (La Pera)

La Pera is a label that is very much on the rise at the moment, and this rolling tech workout from Chris Main is just the ticket.

Coming out of Barcelona, Chris Main's debut on La Pera, 'Nice To Meet You' is a 3 tracker with serious swagger.

The lead track signals a clear direction and that is straight to heads down dancefloor territory. Thumping kicks and rolling top percussion soon give way to tripped out female vocals and an ethereal break, before dropping back in to a super tough bassline and groove to match. That is where the music sits for the majority of the EP, but there is still plenty going on inside each track.

With clever drum programming, tight production and smart sample use running throughout the record, the pressure is notched up with 'Physical' and more so on 'Wilson'. Making great use of some naughty synth work and tumbling toms gives this one a distinctly different vibe to the rest of the EP, whilst maintaining the rolling tech theme of the EP and, ultimately, La Pera.

Ibiza Voice Score :: 6/10


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