James Perri – Moods EP [Imogen Recordings]

Words by: Joe Morris
Posted: 9/3/18 14:35

Those of us long enough in the tooth to recall the heady days of the early Nineties dance-music scene will surely have come across James Perri’s work before. Under his Jimi Polo guise he created some of the most iconic house music records of that period; collaborating with luminaries of the era in Paul Oakenfold, Adamski and Kenny Dope. For the ‘Moods EP’ he reverts to releasing under his own name; revisiting a collection of songs recorded back in the late Nineties and given a new lease of life on Ilija Rudman’s much respected Imogen Recordings imprint.


Across three tracks crafted with skill and heart we are lavished with sweet soul, rare groove and of course delicate mood music that invokes the best of Seventies Blaxploitation cinema. ‘70’s Theme’ is a glorious collocation of sultry Rhodes keys, deftly played Moog bass and jazzy drums that at just over three minutes frankly leaves you gasping for more. It’s wonderful to hear Lanya, the dearly departed vocalist of Soul II Soul, on ‘Brother Beware’ purring timely lyrics of love and unity. ‘Express Yourself’ oozes Philly-style strings, cool guitar licks and a wondrous female-male vocal harmonies. Imogen should be applauded for unlocking these timeless songs for us all to finally enjoy.

Ibiza Voice score :: 9/10

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