Ibiza 2018 :: Where is the news from DC-10 and Sankeys?

Words by: Johnny Lee
Posted: 20/3/18 12:06

If Sankeys and DC-10 were not around, how will Ibiza's clubbing landscape change in 2018?

This is a shout out to all diehard ravers. Are any of you feeling a little nervous? Less than two months away from the start of the season and we still haven't heard a peep out of either Sankeys or DC-10. The last thing we want to do is insight widespread panic across the scene, but unless one of the aforementioned dance music bastions delivers us from paranoia by way of some kind of official announcement, detailing their summer plans for 2018, we think it might be safe to assume that something is dreadfully wrong.

After all, even from afar, the situation at Sankeys looks somewhat bleak. We know for certain that both Abode and Do Not Sleep will not be continuing their association with the Playa d'en Bossa venue into 2018. Last week, both brands announced their transfer to Amnesia, where they will share the Thursday night slot made available by the departing Cream. Unusual Suspects, another leading tech brand, announced a one-off party at Sankeys, which is scheduled for early May. But as for news of a full season residency? Nothing.

The situation with DC-10 is a little different. Neither Paradise nor Circoloco have outlined their plans in an official sense. Nevertheless, according to a slew of top booking agents and press agencies, a handful of DJs do appear to have signed on the dotted line to perform at DC-10 this summer. All of which leaves us somewhat in limbo, because right now the word on the socials appears to suggest that core members of the DC-10 staff have been advised to find alternative employment.

It all sounds too horrible to be true. But it makes you wonder, what would Ibiza's clubbing landscape look like if both Sankeys and DC-10 boarded up their hallowed doors this summer?

First and foremost, there would be a mass of juggernaut parties without a home. Including Paradise. And there are few bigger underground events on the island than Jamie Jones' deep tech showcase. Just to give you an idea of how well regarded Paradise is, only elrow at Amnesia proved more popular with the kids last summer.

So - oh horror of horrors - if DC-10 were to close, where might Paradise rock up? Let's hypothesise. Privilege could work. Fuelled by top techno names like Carl Cox and Tale of Us, the "World's Biggest Nightclub" is back on the map again after a resurgent 2018. Paradise certainly has the clout to fill Privilege's 2,000 capacity Vista Club twice over. Filling the 10,000 capacity main hangar, however, is another thing entirely. That's not to say that Jones, Richy Ahmed and Patrick Topping et al don't have the clout to do it. But tempting 10,000 bodies on to the dancefloor every week for five straight months, for a purist underground party… it's a big ask, especially in early June and September. Of course, Carl Cox managed to fill Privilege last year. But his incredible Pure parties had a limited run, each of those two events dropping in peak season when the island was totally rammed. But wait, what if Paradise and circoloco were to team up for a mammoth Privilege takeover? The two events are not poles apart musically. And these days, neither are the crowds.

The rumour mill starting to turn

Shifting our attention back to Sankeys, Unusual Suspects is yet another big techy brand name seemingly without a home. If Marco Bassi does decide to take his stomping shindig elsewhere, hopefully we might get to see more of Benimussa Park. Right now, Benimussa is arguably the naughtiest outdoor setting on the island. Nestled high up in the pine hills above San Antonio, it's the perfect location for unhinged underground parties like Unusual Suspects. Unfortunately, however, the venue is bordered by a residential housing estate, which often gives rise to noise pollution issues.

All of which begs the question: what about San Antonio central? Last season, Defected proved that credible post-midnight clubbing in Ibiza's second city can become a reality. The big question, of course, is whether San Antonio could handle an influx of purist techno nights. Traditionally, Detroit sounds don't work on the sunset coast, with rave promoters and fans choosing to party hard on the other side of the island. Nevertheless, if Sankeys and DC10 were to vanish, it goes without saying that Eden would become a more compelling option for everyone. And remember, most of the Brit rave kids opt to bunk in San An to take advantage of the cheaper hotel prices. All of which is excellent news for techno promoters, since their custom is literally on the doorstep.

At this stage, everything is still up in the air and the best we can do is discuss the situation hypothetically, but if Sankeys and DC10 don't open this summer, even by Balearic standards, the ripple effects would be unprecedented in both size and scope.

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