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Words by: Robert Dietz
Posted: 21/3/18 9

Robert Dietz and Julian Perez (who also played 93 Feet East)

Robert Dietz played 93 Feet East, London on Saturday March 17, 2018.

Rob is one of those DJs who's adept at surfing between the waves. He came to the fore in the late 2000s on the back of what become known in the UK as Frankfurt House with releases on key imprints, Cecille and Deep Vibes. Since then he's contributed music to a variety of crews, most notably Gerd Janson's Running Back. Check out his recent Ibiza Voice podcast here.

Robert Dietz - "I had the chance to play this club already in the early days of the Fuse Sunday parties and I was pretty much impressed the first minute I stepped into this room. There was a unique energy and great intimate vibe. The sound was on point too. It has always been one of my favourite locations in east London and I was so happy to see now they refurbished the whole place and brought it back to life.

The party last Saturday didn’t disappoint. Julian Perez and Point G played great house sets and I was heavily excited to step up and do my thing".

Biggest tracks of the night...

Thomas Rooge aka Phil Evans – Rjam [Gosu]

The output of Frankfurt's next generation is incredible and its putting the city straight back on the map of techno. No matter if it’s coming from Gosu, Traffic or Hardworksoftdrink. There is something in the water these days… Phil has proven again, they are here to stay. Chunky beats, weirdo chords and the most simple but effective bassline.


Mayudepth – Sneakpeak [Shiki]

Weirdo techno from Japan. Recently released on the label of DJ Shufflemaster. Its an oddly hypnotic driving tool for the later hours.



Nyra – d_a_t [Canoe]

Not a newbie on my radar. Having his tracks in my playlist, since a couple of years already, but he hasn’t got the attention he deserves yet. A UK boy serving heavy basslines and breakbeats in his own sound aesthetics.



R-Damski – Project Part 1 [Overdrive]

One of those heavy hitting party electro cuts which never left my bag since I got it years ago. From 1995, it still does its job to disrupt the steady four to the floor groove and raise the hands.



Classic Track...

Cappio Bros – Caffeine 4 Daze [Maxwells House Mix]

I tend to play more old records than ever at the moment. You could call it a trend or, just the fact, that most of the new music is missing the sexiness and the groove of those old days where computers haven’t been in full control. It's a simple house tune here, but always gets the girls to smile.



Last Track... 

DJ.Booth – Night Train [Basic Moves]

I bumped into this little fella from Morocco two weeks ago at Bikini Waxx Records in Berlin, and he offered me his new release as a present. Yes, go out there in record stores, socialise and meet people personally, its worth it. Driss Bennis is running Casa Voyager, a label for Moroccan electro artists and also producing sweet tracks himself.

It’s one of my favourite records at the moment. Another broken beat but sweet and dreamy pads to slowly blend out the night. Thank you for dancing.


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