The Best Electronic Music Radio Shows

Words by: I Voice
Posted: 27/3/18 18:05
We’re living in the age of radio. But you need know to where to turn the dial to. Ibiza Voice have scoured the airwaves - here is who we recommend. 
In years gone by, the likes of John Peel and Mary Ann Hobbs—then latterly Giles Peterson and Benji B—were our only window into new electronic music. That is, of course, unless randomly spun your FM radio dial until you stumbled upon some inter-frequency pirate station with all their raw passion and loud rave tunes. 
In 2018, though, just about anyone who is anyone has a radio show. From the established leaders like NTS, Red Light and the now legit Rinse FM, to smaller upstarts like KMAH Radio and newly emergent operations like Worldwide FM, somehow all these stations find their own niche and offer endless hours of music from across a vast spectrum. The hardest thing as a listener can be to know where to look for something that floats your boat, so we’ve rounded up a cross-section of some of the shows that get us reaching for the volume and cranking up to 11. 
1. 22a on Worldwide
22a is a South London label run by Tenderlonius. It deals in broken beats and jazz played by a core collective of hugely skilled musicians, trumpeters, percussionists, drummers and sax players. The Worldwide FM radio show of the same name offers a monthly trip into various different sub genres, from Italian jazz to library music, with the odd live session from visitors also thrown in. As both an entry point into—and further exploration of—jazz from across the ages, there are few finer shows. 
Listen here
2. Fatima’s Maple Syrup Waffle Show on NTS Radio.
They don’t happen regularly, but when they do, Fatima’s NTS shows are gold. The Eglo artist draws on a world of hip hop, neo-soul and r&b that has clearly long been an influence on her own recorded material. Some of it is brand new, some of it is golden era ‘90s stuff, but there is always a heavily vocal element and plenty of smoochy tracks that she often sings along to in achingly beautiful little skits. 
Listen here
3. Null + Void with Kirsti on KMAH Radio.
Kirsti is behind the null+void label and blog, as well as this KMAH Radio show of the same name. She’s a hardcore raver who’s graduated from dancing at the legendary Checkpoint Charlie to warming up for Dopplereffekt at Oval Space, playing at fabric and being a regular at Craig Richards’ new night Tantrum at the Lion & Lamb pub in London. Her shows are fierce selections of super fresh electro and techno, often with plenty of pre-release exclusives, that do not let up. If you’re in need of an instant hit of energy, look no further. 
San Proper is a wild child. The Rush Hour associate makes twisted minimal as well as sun licked disco, and is as adept with his machines as he is with a guitar. His broad tastes always come to the fore on his Soul Show on Red Light Radio, and often comes with plenty of his own amusing chat. He recently passed the 50th show mark but still serves up music you’re unlikely to have heard before, be it an exotic bit of synth based ambience, an afro banger or a new wave gem. 
Listen here
Michael Kucyk is based in Melbourne but his NTS show is truly worldwide. It finds him inviting esteemed label heads, diggers and compilers—such as Intergalactic Gary and Pender Street Steppers—along for guest mixes and chats, while he himself serves up grown up ambient and synth music to soothe the soul. It’s a nice way to reset your mind in these times of information overload and increasing digital distraction. 
Listen here
If you need a regular house fix, look no further than Shanti’s show on NTS. Formerly an employee of Idle Hands in Bristol, and now a label boss at Peach Discs and firm fixture on the global DJ circuit, she’s a real expert in four to the floor. Though starting slower, she generally ramps up each show to freewheel through disco, Italo, acid, plenty of vital classics and future gems that shimmer and shine with big hearts. 
Listen here
Whether you’ve come in from the club and want to lay back and get lost in some freaky ambient sounds, or cant get to sleep and need something to distract you from the darkness, this is the show for you. Hosted by Isabel Caligiore, it’s perfectly described as “a fine line between an ideal dream-state and a hellish-nightmare” and is also an excellent label that deals in the same. Often experimental and hallucinogenic, the show is a worldly trip into the unknown that slowly detaches you from reality. 
Not all the best radio shows are by heralded DJs. Plenty of local selectors and bedroom obsessives serve up real knowledge and one example is Barry’s Here, a Leeds based collector who plays round the city and occasionally at places like Soundwave and Dimensions. His Jazz Club show is a real treasure trove of the good stuff, from modal to free, be-bop to contemporary, all served up with tidbits of information on the producers and players who appear on each record. Occasional guests like Manchester based trumpeter Matthew Halsall and recent Brownswood signing Zara Mc Farlane are the icing on the cake. 



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