The Best New Music This Week

Words by: Kristan Caryl
Posted: 9/4/18 13:28
Late Nite Tuff Guy @ Rainbow Serpent 24/01/2016, photo credit: Facebook
We’re back to round up the best new music this week. As always there is a broad showing from minimal monsters to funked up gems, to get you through the week ahead. 
Tony Allen - Asiko (In A Silent Mix) (Ricardo Villalobos remix - part 1) on Dekmantel
Tony Allen is the legendary drummer who played with Afrobeat king Fela Kuti. The rhythms he lays down are loose and off beat; they jitter and shimmer before your very ears, so he is the perfect foil for someone like Villalobos to get stuck into. On a new Dekmantel EP he does that twice, and both tracks are fifteen minutes of mind melting rhythmic explorations. The original drums are the backbone, but are fleshed out with a world of dubby FX. Vocals are filtered and twisted into druggy apparitions and synthetic blips and bleeps add to the utterly trippy overall effect. It's the sound fo Ricardo doing what he does best. 
Alex Attias Presents Freedom Soundz - Sync on Phonogramme
It’s always important that DJs break up regular four to the floor drum patterns, and this reissue of Alex Attiias’s 2003 track ‘Sync’ will do just that. It’s built on a lithe bed of silky drums that bump with an afro spark and have gorgeous, shape shifting chords lighting up the backdrop. It’s a track filled with open air sunshine vibes and is a classy way to get the place pumping. 
Derek Carr - New Planets to Conquer EP on Distant Worlds 
Irish producer Derek Carr is on a roll. He’s been turning out tunes for a decade but this year seems to be in a real purple patch. His latest on Distant Worlds boasts four more of his slick electronic house tunes and it's frankly hard to pick a standout. Each one is doused in pensive sci-fi synth work, with rubbery drums staying busy below as hi hats spin about with a mind of their own. It’s utterly futuristic stuff for fans of deepest techno.  
The Hesitations - I'm Not Built That Way on Pied Piper
You can’t beat hi speed soul music. This hugely sought after track from Ohio r&b group The Hesitations has all the essentials: a joyous lead vocal, big harmonies and rattling tambourines all embellished with sax stabs and raw drums that never stop. Cop it now or else be left only with exorbitantly priced originals on Discogs. 
Equalized - Track 2 on Equalized
Shed! No one does heavy breakbeat techno like the Polish recluse. Whatever alias he adopts you can always be sure of high grade production and real dance floor dynamite. The eighth in his Equalized series delivers once more, particularly ‘Track 2,’ which is a flurry of frazzled frequencies, piled up kick drums and rave energy that will no doubt completely overwhelm you in the club and leave you adrift in another of his intense wormholes.  
Glenn Underground - Spank N Gallop on Strictly Jazz Unit Music 
We’ve heard that his DJ sets are rather old fashioned these days, but Glenn Underground still knows how to knock up a tune. The Chicago veteran can do it all, from heart swelling and musical house to pure acid. And it’s the 303 he reaches for on ‘Spank N Gallop’, teasing out a warm, molten acid line that blips and bleeps and slowly consumes your mind. The crisp drum work plays second fiddle but helps hypnotise you over the course of eight minutes. Smeared pads add scale and add a real sense of beauty and awakening to the track which ends up sounding beautifully soothing. 
Late Nite Tuff Guy - Tuff Cut 003 on Tuff Cut
As the saying goes, if you like house you have to like disco. It’s the roots of everything and besides that, offers the sort of real emotion that proper dance floors thrive on. Late Nite Tuff Guy knows how to tweak the best classic cuts for maximum pay off, and across the course of three subtle reworks here he fattens up the bass and loops the funky sections into sure-fire winners that will inject love and joy to any set. 
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