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Words by: I Voice
Posted: 10/4/18 15:13
Rick Wade, photo credit: facebook
We were delighted to chat to the irrepressible Rick Wade on house, hip hop, art and animation, as well as have him deliver an exclusive new Podcast for us.

With an array of creative guises already under his belt, Wade is always seeking to constantly refine his talents in music and art.
Ibiza Voice: What have you been up to this year of note?
For upcoming releases, as you may or may not be aware, I’m a big hip-hop head, and I’m releasing a cassette, under my Darkskills alias, of some of my deep and moody lo-fi hip-hop joints which should be hitting shelves in Japan and the UK within the next couple of weeks. I think Fans of the Fender Rhodes are going to be pleased…I hope!
Under the deep house umbrella, so far this year I’ve got releases slated to come out on Shall Not Fade, Another (a sub label of Circus Company). I’ve got a project in the works for VIVA, and I’m working on a vocal project with the talented Reno Ka. Oh yeah, I’m also putting together a new Harmonie Park album. I’m currently in the process of narrowing down tracks.
I’m sure there’s a few more projects that have slipped my mind at the moment, sorry about that! As far as upcoming shows go, I’m playing in Detroit on April 27th, Los Angeles on April 28th, Montreal on May 5th, Seattle on May 19th, and Detroit again on May 27th. In the works for later this summer and fall are Paris, Tokyo, and a mini Australia tour. I’m sure there’ll be a few more dates that pop-up as the year progresses.
How did you record the Ibiza Voice Podcast and what equipment did you use?  

Listen to Ibiza Voice Podcast 560 :: Rick Wade
Unfortunately, I ran afoul of the law a couple years back, and I had to sell my turntables to help pay for legal fees. A note to the kids out there, the streets only love you for so long, until they don’t! So, I recorded this mix using the same software I use to make my tracks with - Magix Music Maker. However, I use the same approach as if it were vinyl. Meaning, I simply adjust the pitch/tempo in the software of each track to match the beats. The software has this auto-time stretch thingamabob, but I find that it ends up distorting the tracks and doesn’t really do such a good job of matching the beats anyway, so good old-fashioned pitch control gets the job done right.
Tell us about your weekly life digging for music? Where do you get your music from? What are your favourite record shops (online/to visit in person)? And has there ever been a shop to rival Record Time in Detroit? 
With regards to a shop to rival Record Time, there was always Buy-Rite in Detroit. Back in the golden era of vinyl, when Mike Huckaby and I ran Record Time, Buy-Rite was the other major vinyl player in the city. Nowadays, unfortunately, I don’t have the time to go digging like the old days, so what I usually end up doing my digging on YouTube, then when I find a release I’ve gotta have, I start tracking it down on the internet. There’s usually someone on Discogs who’s selling a copy of whatever I might be looking for, even if they can be a bit pricey at times. When I do have to hit the shop, Detroit Threads is usually my go to spot in the Detroit area, and whenever I’m Chicago, Gramaphone is my second home.
 Rick Wade giggin' back in 2010, photo credit: facebook
You've been involved in a few artistic worlds over the years and not just house, namely the bass/Ghetto Tech scene and animation. Are you still doing stuff in these areas of your life? If so what's happening?
As far as Bass/Ghetto Tech goes, I sold all of those records many moons ago. A decision that haunts me till this day! So I don’t spin it anymore. I do still make it though. Even though I sold the records, the love never faded, so I’ve got a nice little library of unreleased ghetto tech tracks, that I’ll eventually do something with one of these days. Man, I’m lazy! (laughs)
On the artwork and animation front, I’m constantly working on new artwork and animations. Always pushing myself, refining my techniques. Most people might not know this, but long before the music bug bit me, ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved comic books and animation. I had always aspired to be a comic book penciller, and was working towards making that happen, but you know…Life. That said, one of my new goals is to create my own anime. I’ve been in production on a few projects over the years, buy you know…Life. However, I’m not letting this one go!  I’ve posted a couple of pieces of my artwork on my Instagram page for those (check rickwade1986).

I have also gotten involved with game development (another passion of mine.) I released a mobile game I created for the Android platform called “Diafygis” (I know, I know, it seemed like a good name at the time! Hahaha!). It’s still out there as a free download in the Google Play app store. I’ve also gotten into scoring music for anime, and video games, and two of my tracks can be heard in episode 13 of the hit Japanese anime series; Space Dandy! I could go on for days about this subject, so I’ll just say, be on the lookout for some big projects from me, intersecting the worlds of gaming, anime, and music! Shhh…It’s coming
When was the last time you let loose in a club? 
Hahaha! Shoot! Back in the Big Daddy Rick days, a more appropriate question would be, when didn’t I let loose! :)

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